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Component 2: Route 60 Corridor

The Route 60 Corridor Conceptual Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) component will include the conceptual identification of pre-packaged and pre-timed scenario response plans that would require traffic control and monitoring systems, motorist information and accident/incident management. The conceptual design will be based upon a cooperative, multi-agency effort to optimize corridor-level traffic flows.

The Route 60 Corridor study area extends from SR 57 to the east to I-605 to the west. The first step in the conceptual design phase will be to define the study area in terms of which arterials should be analyzed for inclusion in the corridor. Generally those arterials and collectors that roughly parallel or provide access from the freeway to those parallel arterials would be studied to determine whether traffic utilizes those (or should utilize those) as alternative routes to State Route 60.

The design will be a guide for the development of tools to coordinate daily traffic control and traffic management activities. It may include a decision support system which will identify the software interfaces and protocols to intertie closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, signal control, and changeable message signs (CMS) between Caltrans, the County, and other local agencies.