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Leadership in Sustainability

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DPW) has been the national leader in promoting Sustainability in the civil infrastructure project planning, programs, and services. DPW’s leadership has been demonstrated in 2012 DPW Strategic Plan. In the Strategic Plan, Sustainability was identified as one of the DPW’s Values and was also included in Five Strategic Focus Areas.


Preserve the long-term well-being of our communities and the environment by investing in and promoting economically sound, socially desirable, and environmentally healthy projects, programs, and services to achieve multiple benefits.

Sustainability will serve as one of the primary drivers around which all DPW actions will be organized and assessed. It will function as organizing principles used for translating the commitments we have made in DPW’s mission, vision, and values into the desired results and actions we will undertake to fulfill them.

Sustainable Infrastructure Management

With the leadership and commitment in Sustainability, DPW has established a new framework with which innovative strategies in conducting sustainable infrastructure management and planning will be developed. Creating new ideas in sustainable DPW business programs will start with actively communicating and collaborating early on with various internal and external stakeholders, subsequently integrating ideas and issues from various business programs for maximum synergy while understanding holistic, life cycle impact of the programs. This new framework for sustainable infrastructure management is summarized by:

  • Promoting collaboration with stakeholders
  • Integrated management of civil infrastructure and business programs
  • Planning for resiliency of civil infrastructure
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