Department of Public Works
Residential Waste Collection Exclusive Franchise System & Garbage Disposal Districts (Environmental Services)
The Residential Waste Collection Franchise System and Garbage Disposal Districts (GDD) administered exclusive contracts/agreements with private waste haulers to provide trash collection and recycling services to residents of the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County.  The Unincorporated County areas are currently divided into 21 franchise areas and 7 GDDs.  In each respective area, only one waste hauler is granted exclusive franchise to provide solid waste collection services in that given franchise area or GDD.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
  • Less Pollution.  As a contract/agreement requirement, waste haulers now use clean-fuel trash collection vehicles as opposed to the previous diesel burning trucks.  The results are less pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise to the communities.  In addition, since only one waste hauler is allowed to provide solid waste collection services in a given franchise area and GDD, the number of trash trucks on the road on any given day is dramatically reduced.
  • Conservation of Materials and Energy.  Food waste makes up a large amount of landfill waste.  By reducing the amount of food waste going into the waste stream, the need to expend energy to grow, process, store, sell, and consume the food will be reduced.  Diverting food/food waste to better uses such as feeding the hungry or composting to make rich fertilizer is not only environmentally responsible, it also serves as a humanitarian act of kindness. 
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
  • Improved Customer Service.  Customers receive improved trash collection service through the exclusive franchise system, which ensures standardization of services, monitors the activities of waste haulers and promptly addresses inconsistencies in a timely manner.  Communities enjoy cleaner and safer streets by the free collection of abandoned debris and bulky items. 
  • Graffiti Removal.  Customers can now request to have graffiti promptly removed from their trash containers, which enhances the aesthetics of the community.
  • Safety.  The trash collection system ensures uninterrupted and timely collection of trash, which helps protect the health and safety of the public from exposure to unsanitary and unsafe conditions.  Additionally, the Sharps program provides customers a safe and convenient way of disposing of medical needles. 
  • Illegal Dumping.  Collection of abandoned waste on public right of way are included in agreements to ensure timely and cost effective removal of unsightly and potentially dangerous items.
  • E-Waste and Clothing Drop-Off Events.  Residents are able to conveniently drop off their unwanted televisions, computers, and other electronic devices from recycling along with any clothes that are then given to charity for reuse.
Contribution to Economic Health
  • Funding for Program Administration.  Franchise fees collected from waste haulers provide sustainable funding to offset the cost of administrating, monitoring and implementing the franchise system and its programs.  
  • Competitive Pricing.  Due to the competitive bidding of contracts/agreements, residents in the residential franchises and GDDs have experienced favorable trash rates compared to nearby jurisdictions. 
  • Curbside Recycling Reward Program.  This program was developed to acknowledge and reward residents who show an exemplarily effort to recycle.
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