Department of Public Works
Oxford Basin Multiuse Enhancement Project (Water Resources)
The project is designed to enhance flood protection, reduce runoff pollution, and significantly improve the quality of plant and wildlife habitat within the facility, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Non-native trees and plants will be removed and the site will be replanted with a more native and drought-tolerant plant palette. The project will also provide new recreational and safety amenities, including a walking path, observation areas, wildlife-friendly lighting, and more attractive tubular fencing.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
  • Restoration of approximately 10 acres of habitat, water quality enhancements, etc.
    1. Overall environmental enhancement
      • Significant aesthetic and habitat improvements.
    2. Materials (water, energy, other resources) conservation and waste reduction/recycling:
    3. Pollution prevention/mitigation (in land, air, or water)
      • Water quality improvements from increased tidal exchange, increased dissolved oxygen, and potential reduction in bacterial growth.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
  1. Quality of life enhancement
    • Improved recreational amenities for local residents
    • Improved aesthetics of site
Contribution to Economic Health
  1. Contribution to local economy
    • Potential increase in local economic activity due to increased recreational use and pedestrian activity.
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