Department of Public Works
Dominguez Gap Wetlands (Water Resources)
The Dominguez Gap Wetlands Multi-Use Project converted a single-purpose flood control detention basin into a multi-benefit wetlands. Flows from the Los Angeles River and local urban runoff are routed through the wetlands to remove heavy metals, organic carbons, oil, and grease . The treated runoff is then directed into the West Basin for storage and potential groundwater recharge or into the Los Angeles River. In addition, the wetlands serve as a habitat for plants and small animals while providing open space and passive recreational amenities, such as an equestrian trail, bike path and walkways that are accessible to the public.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
The project provides multiple benefits to the local community: • Water quality improvement – A natural treatment of stormwater runoff by removing metals, nutrients, and fecal coliform • An opportunity for groundwater recharge • Since construction, the wetlands has become a habitat for plants and small animals
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The area has provided new open space and opportunities for passive recreation that is accessible to the public.
Contribution to Economic Health
Construction of the project was completed in 2008 with a total project cost of approximately $7.1 million. The project was funded by Proposition 13 CALFED grant, Proposition 40 funds administrated through the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, the California Coastal Conservancy Wetland Recovery Project, and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District.
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