Department of Public Works
Tuxford Green (Water Resources)
The Tuxford Green Multiuse Project uses a series of catch basins and storm drains to collect runoff from the 2.2 square miles of urban watershed that drains to the intersection of Tuxford and San Fernando. Stormwater is conveyed under the intersection and hydraulic pressure “pushes” flows up to an existing culvert, where flows continue downstream. The project also included landscaping of a barren corner of the intersection with native plants which are irrigated with stormwater stored in a 45,000 gallon underground cistern.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
The project provides multiple benefits to the local community: • Flood Protection - A storm drain on San Fernando Road and Tuxford Street to alleviate flooding at the intersection • Water Reuse - And a cistern (underground tank) adjacent to storm drain that stores runoff for use to irrigate the pocket park
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
The project also improves the quality of life for the residents through a new pocket park featuring drought tolerant landscaping.
Contribution to Economic Health
Construction of the project was completed in 2007 with a total project cost of approximately $3.7 million.
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