Department of Public Works
Landcaster Landfill and Recycling Center Expansion Project (Environmental Services)
The Department of Public Works, in collaboration with Department of Regional Planning and Office of County Counsel, effectively negotiated conditions of approval for the Lancaster Landfill Expansion Project. The Expansion Project provides disposal capacity to meet the long-term needs of Antelope Valley communities and incorporates various environmental protection measures and community benefits. These include provisions that require use of alternative fuel trucks; incentives for the development of a conversion technology facility; funding for the operation of the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center; a community benefit fund to be used for environmental, educational, and quality of life programs and regional public facilities serving the Antelope Valley; generation of renewable energy from landfill gas; free dump days for unincorporated area residents; and funding for illegal dumping prevention, recycling, public awareness and education, free waste tire collection events, acquisition and/or development of natural habitat and parkland, transportation improvements, and planning studies in the Antelope Valley. The Conditional Use Permit for the Project was granted by the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission in December 2011, and became effective in August 2012.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
  • Overall Environmental Enhancement. The implementation of the Expansion Project benefits the health, welfare, and safety of all citizens by accommodating the disposal needs of 88 cities and County unincorporated communities in Los Angeles County through development of environmentally safe and technically feasible disposal facilities for solid waste which cannot be reduced, recycled, or composted.
  • Materials Conservation and Waste Reduction/Recycling. The Expansion Project promotes and encourages waste diversion activities at the landfill site. This Project minimizes the disposal of solid waste into the landfill that is required to be diverted or recycled under the Department's Source Reduction and Recycling Element of the Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan. Moreover, this Project also requires the Permittee to enter into an agreement with the Department to enforce and implement programs intended to maximize utilization of the available fill capacity, and implement waste diversion and recycling programs.
  • Pollution Prevention/Mitigation. The Expansion Project decreases dependence on out-of-County disposal sites and long-haul of waste by increasing in-County disposal options, and thereby reducing air quality and traffic impacts.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
  • Quality of Life Enhancement. The Expansion Project provides for daily refuse handling capacity at the Lancaster Landfill and Recycling Center to accommodate increases in future solid waste generation due to population and economic growth, and waste load shifting within the Los Angeles County. It also provides a regional resource within the Antelope Valley area that is available for both local and County waste disposal.
Contribution to Economic Health
  • Funding for Program Administration. Fees collected from the Landfill provide sustainable funding to offset the costs of administrating, monitoring, enforcing, and implementing waste diversion and recycling programs as specified in the Conditional Use Permit.
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