Department of Public Works
Quartz Hill Storm Drain (Water Resources)
The long-anticipated drainage system will provide much-needed flood relief along Quartz Hill’s busy downtown main corridor.  The $15.8 million project consists of a two-mile-long storm drain along 50th Street West between Avenue K and Avenue M-8. An additional mile of lateral drains will tie into the main drain from several connecting side streets.
Benefits to Environmental Resources
With less flooding, the community productivity and attractiveness will also be improved.  The existing detention basins will no longer be needed for flood control purposes.  Since these retention basins are no longer necessary and these can be develop into future public space.  Also, with reduction of flooding parks will be accessible year round.  In addition as a result of the completed project, site accessibility and way finding will also improve since the project includes resurfacing of the existing pavement and installation of new reflectorized signing and striping.
Contribution to wellbeing of DPW and the County
Development of the area has increased rapidly since the 1980s with a current population of approximately 400,000.  This development has aggravated the amount and frequency of stormwater runoff and urban runoff and has created a need for a drainage system to minimize damage from flooding in the unincorporated areas that are outside of the LACFCD.  The project addresses drainage deficiencies by providing necessary 10 year frequency flood protection.  It also eliminates the need to pump retention basins during the dry seasons.
Contribution to Economic Health
The project was constructed with no additional tax burden to property owners and included roadway improvements in downtown.
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