201 Can the County levy a special tax for the County Flood Control District? If so, who approves the levy?

202 How do I find current information about current and future commercial and residential construction planning/progress? Thanks -

203 . . . (coming soon) - I need to know # copies required for MTD Storm Drain Plan submittal. Folded or Not. Drainage Plan, Hydrology-Drainage Calcs, anything else ? Please advise - thank you, in advance - Don

204 How long will I need to have flood insurance?

205 Why do we have to recycle?

206 I would like to test a back yard soil sample for pH balance, minerals, nutrients, etc. Who do I send soil samples to for testing? Thank you for your help!

207 Hello, I live in the City of Los Angeles. How do I find out if the owner of my 6 unit apartment building pays the recycling fee? We do not have any recycling bins and my neighbors in the building say it is because the landlord doesn't want to pay for it. But from reading your website it sounds like it is automatically in the waste hauler bill that he already pays. If he is already paying the recycling fee, then we would like to get recycle bins. All of the buildings next to us recycle with the city's pick up service. Thanks for your help. Meredith

208 Where can I obtain the "Guidelines for Report Submittals" published by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works?

209 Who should I contact concerning training needs and services within your department?

210 Do you have a division that deals with old or "junk out" items the county no longer wants? If so, do you auctioned them off and who do we contact for more information?

211 Where on your website can I find the holiday schedule for Los Angeles County Department of Public Works?

212 As a developer, how would I obtain the necessary permits for the construction of roads, sewers, storm drains, and utilities for a new development.

213 Can you give me a list of locations of legal, approved sewage disposal facilities?

214 I would like to know how to dispose of a working home appliance (such as a window air conditioner, freezer, etc.).

215 What is "Nonpoint Source" Pollution?

216 How much is the project, and how is it funded?

217 What are the issues of each sediment placement site?

218 What is the Flood Control District doing to address the levee's flood capacity?

219 Can I leave staples, paper clips, and post-its on paper when I am placing paper into the recycling bins?

220 I would like to obtain a copy of California Urban Runoff Best Management Practices Handbooks for Construction Activity, Municipal and Industrial/Commercial. Can you please provide directions on how to get a copy?

221 The street light in front of my house is not working. Who do I report this to so that it can be fixed?

222 Can I get a Connection Permit Application Form from your web site? Also, do I have to fill out a Water Quality Agreement?

223 A traffic sign on our street has been defaced with grafitti. I tried to clean it off but was not successful. Can it be cleaned or replaced?

224 Do I need a permit to put up a sign on my own property?

225 What is an Encroachment Permit?

226 Who can I contact to report mosquitoes problems?

227 What was the impact to the District's facilities due to the Station Fire?

228 How can I be kept informed on the development of alternatives?

229 Is there one person in charge of departmental recycling?

230 What is Low Impact Development (LID)?

231 Who do I contact to file a claim with the County?

232 How do SUSMP and construction activity BMPs differ?

233 What is the Sediment Management Strategic Plan?

234 Why is it important to understand the risks associated with levees?

235 What is a Construction Permit?

236 What are the guidelines and criteria for issuing storm drain connection permits?

237 What is the difference between a SWPPP and a BMP?

238 Is the Flood Control District investigating additional sediment placement sites or alternative ways for disposing of material?

239 Where can I view FEMA's current flood maps, also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps?

240 There's been a street light out in front of my house for almost a year now. Can I get an answer as to who IS supposed to handle this?

241 What are the county requirements to obtain a Solid Waste transfer station operating permit?

242 How do I get a permit to construct a driveway for my property?

243 What does "first flush" mean?

244 Will the Flood Control District be looking at the possibility of selling the sediment to help defray the cost of sediment management?

245 I am fairly certain that there is a County Storm Drain at a specific location in the City of Carson; but, it doesn't appear on the GIS and there is no link to view the plans. How can I find these plans?

246 What types of services can be provided?

247 The Standard Plans Manual posted on-line does not have the curb and gutter detail (detail 120-1). Is there a way that you can email a pdf of this detail and/or include it in the manual that is posted on-line? Thank you.

248 To whom it may concern: I'm looking for Los Angeles County Public Works Standard Drawing 304-1. I can't seem to find it. Is there anywhere in your website where I can download this standard drawing? Thank You, Jose C. J&R Concrete Products (951) 943-5855

249 In the Draft Revise January 10, 2008 of the Updated Structure Design Manual, April 1982, Section I - Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Page I-6, the first paragraph of Section I-4 Concrete Cover for Reinforcement does not comply with Section 207-2.4.2 Location of Reinforcement of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Greenbook).

250 Does my homeowners insurance cover damage caused by flooding?

251 We added a family room off our garage without the proper permit and am now in the process of selling this home. I want to include this additional square footage to the total square footage of my home, but understand that it must first be approved. How can I get this approved now?

252 Does the Department have a long range plan or strategic plan?

253 I am looking for information regarding waste biomass that may be available in the L.A. area for a biofuel plant. Can you put me in contact with someone who may be able to provide some details? Thanks, Robert Rapier

254 What are the fees for a road permit?

255 How do I apply for a permit to connect to a storm drain?

256 How do BMPs relate to TMDL regulations?

257 How do I determine where my property lines are?

258 How much material was removed from debris basins during the 2009/2010 storm season?

259 Where do I buy flood insurance?

260 How can I get a list of contractors who stripe and mark county roads?

261 I have a problem concerning a Transportation Permit. My max width should be 12' 0" and max height should be 14' 0", but the permit prints "Legal" in these fields. Can this problem be corrected.

262 What is the impact on ground water from infiltration or porous pavement BMPs?

263 What steps are being taken to mitigate the impact of truck traffic on residential streets near debris basins and sediment placement sites?

264 How much will flood insurance cost?

265 What type of permit do I need to install a monitoring well? Do I then need an annual permit each year?

266 How do I get permission to modify a County storm drain or catch basin?

267 Why harvest rainwater?

268 What is a Preferred Risk Policy and how do I apply for one?

269 Are electronic files of the standard plans available on line for use as a reference?

270 I want to dig a hole for a flag pole and mail box. It requires a concrete anchor and may be several feet deep. How do I find out where any underground utilities might be located so that I can avoid them?

271 Which BMPs are recommended for which pollutants?

272 What is the planning/permitting process for use of a sediment placement site?

273 Can I carry a preferred Risk Policy for as long as I am required to carry flood insurance?

274 To what standards should BMPs be implemented?

275 How does the Flood Control District determine where a sediment placement site should be?

276 How much flood insurance am I required to carry?

277 Who has had experience with certain types of BMPs?

278 Is sediment material toxic or dangerous to human health?

279 What will happen if I do not buy flood insurance when it is required?

280 Are BMPs effective?

281 What is a BMP "treatment train"?

282 I'm a developer providing a joint utility trench for the utility companies. Do I need a permit?

283 Can I get an excavation permit to connect my house water line to the main line?

284 How do I gain access to a County channel?

285 Are mosquitoes a problem with stormwater BMPs, can mosquitoes be eliminated from BMPs, and what preventive devices work best?

286 How do I get setup with an account so I could order Transportation Permits on-line?

287 Where can I get a copy of the Newsrack Ordinance for the County of Los Angeles?

288 How do I get an annual permit for transporting extra legal loads over County roads?

289 Where do I get the hydrology for a storm drain system constructed by the county?

290 What is a City Services Representative?

291 Airport Influence Area Maps. Effective January 1, 2004, home sellers are required to disclose to perspective buyers if properties are located within Airport Influence Areas. Where can I find more information?

292 What is the expected turnaround time for processing my permit?

293 May I get copies of the right-of-way maps for a County storm drain or channel?

294 What is the recommended horizontal and vertical separation for underground utilities?

295 How does the County approve proprietary stormwater BMPs?

296 What do I need to submit to obtain a permit for the construction of a sewer main?

297 How are private development projects involving BMPs evaluated by the County?

298 What are the rules/regulations regarding newly paved streets where a proposed private construciton project will have to cut into newly paved areas? In addition, who, when and where does one get an official notification that a particular Department of Public Works project is completed or approved?

299 I am trying to find out who to contact regarding information for obtaining permission to hold a "block party" for our neighborhood in an unincorporated area of the County. We would like to block off one end of our street. How can I go about this?

300 Does the Department of Public Works issue permits for production or monitoring wells?

301 Do I need a permit to cut or prune my oak tree?

302 How do I conserve water in my garden?

303 Do I need a permit to place a dumpster in front of my house?

304 What is a "Certified Full Capture" BMP?

305 Who do I report graffiti to?

306 I completed the work for my permit and would like to get my deposit refunded. When can I expect my refund?

307 How do I get a dog out of the channel?

308 What are the County's health and safety requirements for above-ground rain barrels and cisterns?

309 How would I get the most current information about prevailing wages (rates, etc.)?

310 Why do I need a transportation permit and what is the fee for?

311 Where can I find information on Airport Noise from LAX and window replacement? I would like to apply for window replacements as the noise from the Airplanes coming down is overbearing. My house is located in the landing path.

312 What are the major terms and conditions the City agrees to in making service requests of the Department?

313 Do I need a permit for a bike race or parade?

314 What criteria exist in Los Angeles County to prevent hydromodification?

315 Who would I report a broken gate around a channel to?

316 Where can I find specific laws regarding the removal and/or trimming of Oak trees? What is the process for getting a permit to remove them if a permit is necessary to remove them?

317 Someone parks a boat on the street in front of my property on a permanent basis. Are there any regulations reguarding the parking of boats on the street for extended periods of time and can anything be done about it?

318 Is my property in a flood hazard zone?

319 When do I have to obtain an oversize load permit? How do I obtain one?

320 Is there a way you can put the "Green Book" online in PDF format, like other cities have done with their Standards & Drawings?

321 I am looking for the sewer wye maps and depth of the sewer main. I am also looking for sub-structures other than sewers.

322 Could you explain what the Department means by Operations, Maintenance, and Design, and how these terms are different?

323 Are there any programs that offer free mulch to residents of Los Angeles County or the city of Arcadia?

324 I attended a composting workshop in April '06 at Birney Elementary School in Long Beach. The instructor mentioned a recipe to kill white flies. I have a hibiscus plant that continues to be plagued by these flies. I don't want to use chemicals because there are these tiny black/grey birds that like to eat the flies but they don't eat them all. I have also heard that we have bats in the area. Is that true? I live next to Seal Beach where there is a wetlands located on the Seal Beach Navy Base. If we do have bats, I'd like to find a bathouse for my yard. I hear that they consume 500 bugs an hour. Is it safe to house bats in suburbia?? Please forward me the white fly recipe. Is it a recipe to use on any plant for any problem ie snails? Thanks!

325 What regulations govern aircraft noise at and around airports in California?

326 How can aircraft fly quieter?

327 There is construction work in my street which is causing various types of problems. Who do I call?

328 I have a storm drain easement running through my property and I would like to build over it. What are the requirements for building over the storm drain?

329 I would like to install a utility line under, over, across, or along a County Flood Control facility. What do I do?

330 There is a spill draining into a catch basin or channel. Who should I notify?

331 Is someone authorized to ask for donations for painting my address on the curb?

332 Does L.A. County have any seismic codes requiring owners of pre 1975 concrete tilt up buildings to retrofit said buildings?

333 I would like to know the location, depth and the size of a sewer line out in the street?

334 Where can I obtain a copy of an “As-Built” sanitary sewer plan?

335 Why is there a fee for the Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District on my property tax roll if my property is not connected to the sewers?

336 Where can I obtain a sewer design manual?

337 Who do I contact about sewage overflowing from a manhole into the street?

338 What is a sewer backwater valve and who is required to have them?

339 Sewage is backing up into my house/building through overflowing toilets, sinks, bathtubs, dishwasher, and/or washing machines. What should I do?

340 What are the Department of Public Works and the property owner responsibilities for the sewer?

341 Who do I contact about problems (odors, roaches/rodents infestation, sewer blockages, loose manhole cover, etc.) coming from the public sewer main?

342 I have a sewer easement running through my property and I would like to build over it. What are the requirements for building over a sewer easement?

343 How do I obtain a sewer saddle installation permit?

344 What are the sewer connection procedures for Marina Del Rey and the Aneta Zone?

345 I am proposing to construct an extension to my existing property, and I was told that I can obtain "Drainage Release Covenants" from my neighbors as an alternate to completing a hydrology study. (The extension will infringe on the "flood fringe" by 6 feet.) Are there standard forms which the County has for such Drainage Release Covenants?

346 What is the process to close an alley? The alley next to my home is not used by residents. It is used by gangs as a hang out, for grafitti, illegal dumping, abandoning vehicles and other illegal activities.

347 Where can I obtain standard plans on your internet site?

348 Where is the website for obtaining lists of upcoming major construction projects out for bid?

349 Does the Department of Public Works have bike trail maps available for distribution?

350 Who do I contact to get a tree planted in my parkway?

351 How can I obtain the original plans for my house?

352 How is groundwater reached?

353 Is there a way to get a drawing (on-line) of my property that includes the property-lines and my house situated within the property?

354 Where does our water come from? All the places if possible.

355 How do I go about having a piece of land split into two? I would like to build two homes on the land but I need to have two addresses.

356 Can I obtain a copy of the construction plans submitted by the builder for my house?

357 What is the term of a Subdivision Tax Bond?

358 How can I obtain job classifications and associated salary ranges for various positions?

359 I would like to put a sidewalk in the small access between my front lawn and the street. The property is currently grass/weeds. Other houses on my street have sidewalk sections but not all. What permits are required and what requirements must I consider if I decide to do it myself?

360 How do I obtain the latest copy of the LA County Highway Design Manual?

361 Can you help me get information on the number of commercial building permits issued in Los Angeles County in 2000 and 2001? Do you have the $ value of the construction?

362 I live in the unicorporated area of Monrovia and would like to build a block wall 6 feet high. Do I need a permit for this?

363 What type of permit(s) are needed for a swimming pool in the County?

364 I am considering building a concrete wall between my house and my neighbor's. What are the necessary procedures? Do I need to obtain a permit? If so, what are the building rules & regulations necessary to obtain a permit? Do I need to have a survey for the site? How is the cost determined by two parties?

365 Is construction of a detached wood frame garage generally permitted within an Earthquake Fault Zone Non-Structural Setback Zone?

366 Are there programs that exchange old toilets that use a lot of water to flush, for new water conserving toilets?

367 Q1: What is the width and length of a handicapped parking stall for a park in LA county? Q2: What is the width and length of a regular car parking stall for a park in LA County also?

368 Is the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction located on-line? Can you please advise where on-line these specifications can be found?

369 How do I obtain a copy of the County's WSPG (F0515P) hydraulic program.

370 Does the Los Angeles County Flood Control District have a web address or is it part of the Public Works Department?

371 I just wanted to know how I can request Handicap Parking in front of my home.

372 How can I obtain unpublished monthly data for water conserved in the spreading grounds.

373 Can I submit a blank application with my resume and have you determine what job I qualify for?

374 Can I just submit my resume and a cover letter to apply for a job?

375 What examinations do I have to take for the job classification?

376 What is Veteran's Credit and how do I use it?

377 What about applicants with disabilities?

378 How do I obtain an interview?

379 Do I have to take any medical examination?

380 Tell me about the Probationary period.

381 Where can I get study guide materials?

382 Who can I talk to if I don't agree with the charges on my bill and want to know why I was charged?

383 There appear to be errors or incorrect charges on my invoice. How can I get the invoice corrected?

384 How do I get a copy of an invoice and/or detailed documentation for charges?

385 How do I find out whether my payment has been received and credited to my account?

386 I submitted payment but I am still getting past due notices. How can I find out what happened?

387 I received a past due notice and want a copy of old invoices. How do I get copies of them?

388 What is the remittance address if a customer needs to make a payment to the Department of Public Works?

389 How do I get a credit invoice or a refund, and when can I expect to receive it?

390 How do I get a copy of a permit?

391 How can I determine the location of the work performed corresponding to the charges on my invoice?

392 Why am I being sent a past due notice?

393 Why was my account referred for collection? What do I need to do now to clear my account?

394 What is the penalty for having my check dishonored and how do I clear my account if my check was dishonored?

395 Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?

396 Where can I pay my invoice in person?

397 I have provided goods/services to the Department of Public Works. Who do I contact to inquire about whether my invoice was received?

398 How can I find out the payment status of my invoice?

399 What if I receive a payment and do not know what it is for?

400 How fast does the Department of Public Works pay its bills?