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801 When was the original Road Department established? Thanks.

802 I am looking for methane zone maps for Los Angeles County, do you know where I can find these?

803 We are designing a commercial kitchen for the Army Corp which will have a LA County approved grease trap (2,000 gallons). Right now we have the dishwasher and garbage disposal connected to the grease trap. Is this arrangement allowed?

804 In dealing with the SUSMP, we have a depressed loading dock catch basin. Most of the loading dock is under a roof, but approximately 1000 SF of the loading dock is not covered and stormwater drains into the loading dock catch basin. This catch basin drains through a 4" PVC pipe to an oil/water separator inside the building. From the oil/water separator, the storm water from the loading dock is connected to the sanitary sewer system and runs gravity sewer to a Culver City lift station which pumps sewerage to the City of Los Angeles NOS sewer. Do we need a permit from the county to get permission to have the loading dock drain to the sanitary sewer?

805 3128 Griffin Ave, Los Angeles CA 90031,this property has been abandon and has a burned house, & I am interested in purchasing this property to built a single family home where the burned home once stood. Would you have any information about this property in regards to who is the owner and how we go about purchasing this property?

806 I recently read on your website about the San Gabriel River Master Plan ( and was wondering if this actual project had been implemented? If so, what have the financial costs benn and what part of the San Gabriel River would be affected? Thank you

807 Why don't I see my project when I go to the My Estimates?

808 I can see my project in the My Estimates page but can't edit it. Why?

809 I imported an estimate and the report showed all my items but I can't see them on the Items tab. Where are they?

810 How do I view my old Engineer's Estimate file?

811 What is a temporary estimate?

812 Can I look up my water bill account balance online?

813 We are trying to find a place to take miscellaneous non-hazardous building material, primarily scrap wood and old wooden out door furniture. What would be the closest company or county facility which will allow us to deliver the material to them?

814 can I obtain recorded maps in the area of this property via the internet? if so , how do we complete the research in order to know which maps to purchase? Jim Meyer, PLS

815 How do I find the zoning for a parcel of land in Topanga Canyon 4446-010-006, 007 Thanks. TR

816 I am looking for standard blank sheet for street improvement and sewer plan and general notes as well. I couldn't find in your web site. If you can email to me the drawing file that would be great or tell me where in your web site I can find it. thanks and have a great day Nazi

817 How can I obtain electronic files of the Sewer Maintenance Division index maps?

818 I would like to know if Public Works is looking for a contractor in asphalt repair? We specialize in asphalt paving, patching, slurry sealing, line striping, crack filling, and much more. Licensed and bonded thru the state of Ca.

819 Are videotapes are considered e-waste? If not, do you know what to do with them? Thank You

820 I was wondering if I could receive information pertaining to the construction and demolition ordinance? Just wanted to know cost implications and tipping fees and well as other associated fees with implementing the ordinance? County of Riverside is considering drafting a C & D Ordinance and would like as much info as possible. Thank You Jackie Vandenburgh

821 What is the online address for Public Works open and closed bid listings, bid results, and closed bids/award listings?

822 Our heater is not venting properly and when a plumber was investigating the problem, he notified us that the vent was made of asbestos which makes fixing the problem more complicated and expensive. Is asbestos removal included in the REHAB or some other county sponsored program?

823 Hi, I am the property owner of 13714 Valley Blvd. La Puente part of unincorporated LA County(APN: 8112-007-068). My tenant rented my property and has started a pallet recycling business. Recently, I got a citation from County Regional Planning for violation of zoning code. My property is currently in C-1 zone. Many properties near mine are in M-1 zone. My tenant collects broken wooden shipping pallets from surrounding businesses, repairs the pallets, then sales the pallets. I think his business fits the principle of material recycling and waste reduction. I am wondering if you can help us to bring his business into compliance. Please let me know whether you can help or not. Thank you. Chiu-Chi Chen

824 What is the process of posting our recycling company/business on the SmartBusiness Recycling website?

825 Please advise me of the current status of this Waste Water Permit Registration: Permit #P000382068. Thank you,

826 I work at a non-profit. We are located in Encino, CA. We have a ton of paper and plastic that needs to be recycled. I have been taking ALL the materials home to my residential blue bin. This is no longer an option for me. How can we obtain a blue recycle bin for our business? Is there a cost for the blue bin and is there a monthly pickup cost? If yes for either question is there a way to apply to have the fees waived considering we are a non-profit business? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you,

827 How do I obtain the precise grading plans design sheet border(or title sheet with general notes) in auto cad or PDF file?

828 I am working on a senior project for Cal Poly Pomona and I am required to do the hydrology and storm drain design. Our project site is in Pomona, CA and I would like to use the Hydraflow program to size the pipes and detention basins. Is this program recognized as an acceptable CAD program in LA County? Thank you. -Ailyn Renteria

829 I have a questions regarding street improvement plans for AIN # 3006-008-002. I have conditions that were issued with conditional use permit no. R2004-00444. The conditions require that a 50' right of way be dedicated which is an additional 20'. My question is that the rest of the street has a 40' half width and the existing curb & gutter that we would be connecting to is 30' off of centerline. according to a 50' halfwidth the curb would be at 42' from centerline. i need to know what is required for sure, as the 50' halfwidth does not fit with the surrounding properties. Please let me know who I would need to speak to regarding this matter.

830 What is Values Management?

831 Where can I obtain information regarding property zoning for unincorporated areas of LA County?


833 How do I receive a County services guide?

834 Who will be monitoring lack of water conservation in my neighborhood? I have seen lawns being watered during daylight hours as well as driveways being washed off on my street.

835 I heard that there were going to be water restrictions in LA County starting July 1st. Where can I get more information? [DPW INFO - SM] [NOTE: This FAQ was sent to DPW from the main LA County website admin. Inquirer's concerns are in regards to their website, not DPW's.]

836 I was told that I need to paint a notice adjacent to a storm drain grate that says not to dump in the grate because it leads to the ocean or river. Where can I get one of the necessary stencils? Thank you!

837 How do I obtain information regarding upcoming projects, requests for proposals (RFPs), etc? My company is interested in monitoring projects that might become available through Public Works.

838 I want to find out if you have a bond estimate form for monumentation. We are setting (5) 2" x 24" iron pipe on our property. I searched the website and could not find anything that referred to monumentation. Thanks, Robert Monroe

839 How can I register as a vendor with the County? I would like to bid for County contracts.

840 How may I obtain a copy of the "Manual for Preparation of Geotehcnical Reports"

841 I recently inquired about refunding Permit Fees for cancelled residential development permits. From your response: Section 107.12 of the 2002 LACBC covers refunds and states that should no portion of the work or construction covered by a permit shall have been commenced, and such permit has been cancelled, the permittee can request a refund in an amount of 80 percent of the permit fee. Please note that plan check fees cannot be refunded. However, is there a time limit for requesting a refund on permit fees? In others words, must I request refund within the fiscal year of the permit's expiration? Thank you for your time.

842 I have a general question about the disposal of Gasoline. If I bring my fuel to a HHW collection event, do I need to turn in my fuel container?

843 Where / when can I dispose of old pesticides ?

844 Where does our trash go? Is it disposed of in landfills?

845 Where can I find information about storm evacuations in the burn areas?

846 If I take a container of old gasoline to an HHW Collection Event,can my gas container be returned to me?

847 Why doesn't your Road Closure website show the closures on Angeles Crest Highway?

848 This home has a motor home parked in the front yard on the grass and it has been there for years. Does LA County have a regulation about that? This is in an unincorporated area of LA County. If so, who do I contact to make a complaint? Thanks, Julie

849 Where do I get clearances for industrial waste???

850 How do I transport household hazardous waste?

851 Where can I report a pothole or potholes?

852 I was wondering if it would be possible to get old computer parts like ram, CD Drives, and graphics cards that are dropped off at your Household Hazardous Waste/Electronic Waste Collection events?

853 I work with a non-profit organization and was wondering where we can dispose of hazardous waste?

854 I'm contacting from an architecture firm that is planning on constructing a second-story addition to an existing one-story home. LADBS has informed us that we have to fill an application because the home in located in a FLOOD ZONE. I was wondering if you could tell me what actions we need to take to complete this process and how long will it take for our application to get reviewed.

855 Is a treadmill considered e-waste?

856 What can be done to clean/clear a yard that is a fire hazard?

857 Where do I go to get permits for my house?

858 Do I need a permit to construct a block wall (fence) on my property?

859 Do empty and dried out paint cans(latex paint)need to be taken to hazardous waste facilities or can they be thrown away in regular trash?

860 Can I dispose of empty motor oil bottles in the trash?

861 How does one post upcoming events to your web site?

862 Will my worms die if it gets to cold in the winter?

863 May I have the address to mail the CASH FOR GRASS program to? Thank you , Elizabeth Robinson

864 Do you have any files (USTs, clarifiers, remediation, etcc...) pertaining to the following address: 1316 Border Avenue Torrance, CA 90501 Regards-Bahman Rohanizadeh 949-300-4542

865 How do I get information on LA County regulations relating to gray water home installations?

866 Can excessive rain cause low water pressure?

867 Does Electronic Waste also include film cameras - both still and video?

868 Hello, I would like to make a public records request for county water usage of "green" spaces. Either by city, region, or county. I'm are looking records for public use of water in areas such as parks and recreational areas. Thank you for your time. Cheers, Dawn

869 I'm trying to shred personal papers and dispose of 2 trash bags of documents. Where in South Bay, closest to El Segundo can this be done, soonest?

870 My name is Hannah Snyder and I am a student at Pomona College. As part of a final project, I am developing a citizen strategy report for Coyote Creek. I am interested in any information you have about the pollutants and challenges facing the creek, the major stakeholders and communities that are interested in the health of the creek, as well as any projects or plans relating to the creek. I would also love to get the contact information of anyone who might be able to answer further questions.

871 I'm building a composter out of a 55 gallon drum and wanted to know if I should drill holes in it to let air in.

872 Is e-waste computer toner?

873 Who do I contact for a permit to be able to park my food truck in the parking lot of my business?

874 Subject: Mulholland Highway I asked the following of Caltrans, and they suggested I ask you folks, there -must-- be an answer to this, but it may not exist!??! I live just outside Los Angeles County. I am trying to find some info on the [famous] Mulholland Highway (parts are Drive), that traverses from Cabrillo State Beach on the west all the way to Griffith Park (at Mt Hollywood Drive) on the east, about 55 miles in all. Do you have a "historian" at DPW?! Information abounds on the parts of it WEST of the 101 Fwy,,,but little if any info seems available on the parts of it (Mulholland Highway) to the EAST of the 101. Here, there are several lengths of closed,not_drivable road, and one fairly long piece that is open to cars. There is also one "stretch" of "it", from the 101 to the southeast corner of Lake Hollywood Reservoir, that is non-existent!! Do you know of any books, papers, Calif State DOT docu- ments, etc. that talk of this part? Im curious why so much of it (the east of 101 part) IS there, drivable or not, and other parts of it seem to be "missing" entirely. Was it -planned- at one time to be an open road all the way from the 101 fwy, around the bottom of the Lake, up and to Griffith Park? And just never was "built"!? "Things like that" questions! Also, was it ever planned to extend even further east (that Mt Hollywood Drive) e.g. up to the Traveltown RR area or south toward the Observatory etc, ending perhaps at Los Feliz Blvd? A good sketch can be seen at Any info you could supply would be most appreciated! thanx, bob mackey

875 How do I report a broken fire hydrant?

876 Can I rummage through some of the e-waste that is collected at the Roundups? Do you sell it?

877 How can one learn more about starting an electronic waste recycling business in Los Angeles?

878 How do dI get a rebate form for my new washer?

879 In my compost bin there are lots of white worms about 1/2-2" long, 1/2" thick.

880 How do I sign up for paperless billing or eBill?

881 There are sidewalks that need to be repaired on Imperial Hwy. and Western Ave. These sidewalks are not ADA compliant. Who should I contact to address this issue?

882 Who do I contact about a neighbor who has tall, dry grass and weeds in his yard that may present a fire hazard?

883 Can I submit my bid electronically?

884 I have tried many times over the weekend to get information about days and schedules and departure locations for the Santa Monica Beach Bus. I want to know the fare to ride the Beach bus and any reduced rates for the disabled and seniors.

885 Can I place an order for Plans and Specifications online?

886 What if the status of the invoice in the Public Works Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry screen is Unpaid but I have already submitted my payment?

887 Who can I contact regarding short-paid or disputed invoices?

888 What are Unused Non-Controlled Medicines, as opposed to controlled medicines?

889 Can I download recorded tract maps from your internet web site ?

890 My peach and nectarine trees had leaf curl this year. Is it okay to use their leaves in my compost bin?

891 Do you have a program to donate abandon property to nonprofits where the properties could be fixed and then sold to low to moderate income. Do you know of a program like this? Thank you

892 Subject: #RFB-IS-12200126 - Dental Clinic New HVAC Rooftop Unit Good afternoon, Are you able to send me the bid results or awarded contractor information for the #RFB-IS-12200126 - Dental Clinic New HVAC Rooftop Unit?

893 Where on your website can I pay for a permit to renovate my residence? I was told there is a form but i can't find it anywhere.

894 Can I get a blank .pdf of the "CORNER RECORD" forms or a link to download it please? Thanks

895 We own and/or operate gas stations/convenience stores in LA County and have seen an influx of invoices from Network Piping Monitoring Systems for "monitoring & reporting to EPA & Health Agency" supposedly involving devices that LA County paid to install as part of the wastewater discharge program. I am trying to determine if this is a scam or legit. Help?

896 Our company would like to know if the Department of Public Works is interested in contracting for pick up used tires and plastic. Our company is has a new recycling process that's totally Green.

897 I plan to excavate my backyard which is 3 feet above ground in order to build a second unit. Do I need a permit to excavate? If yes, where should I get the permit and what are the requirements? Thank you.

898 Regarding measurement of Big Rock Creek near Pallet Creek, LACO turned this measuring site over to the USGS. I understand that USGS has turned it back over to you. Who is the contact person I can call to get measurements?

899 Subject: Groundwater Well Information I am currently working on a site in Torrance and am looking for groundwater well information surrounding the site. I would like to know if your department maintains well information in Torrance and if I could get access to it. Your help is appreciated.

900 Are County Surveyor's Map available online?

901 Why am I unable to view and print facsimiles of some invoices listed in the Public Works Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry?

902 to what address should i mail a request for LA Cty Public Works Dept information per the California Public records Act? is 900 S. Fremont Alhambra 91308 the correct place?

903 I would like to be able to pay my water bill online. Do you plan to offer this feature?

904 How do I obtain more information or file a compliment, suggestion or complaint?

905 Why do the consumption tier entries appear twice on my water bill?

906 Is it legal to ride a motorcycle, gas powered scooter or electric scooter on the flood control bike path. If not want is the coded section that applies.

907 Are there any regulations limiting the export of groundwater form a property located within Los Angeles County to a location outside of Los Angeles County?

908 What does the DWP do with their heavy equipment (backhoe) when it is replaced with a new one and it becomes surplus? Auction, or do you have a site where you sell them? I'm looking for one to buy in the Los Angeles area.

909 I have a fire hydrant located in front of my residence and motorists are not following the parking code of 15 feet on either side of the hydrant. Is it possible to have that section painted red to alert motorists?

910 How do i apply to work as a person that drves a truck that irrigates certain places, or how can i view an opening for the water department?

911 How to update my credit card expiration date that is used for Auto Pay?

912 Subject: Filing a Corner Record I need to file a corner record. Can you please advise me on the steps I need to take to make sure it is properly filed?

913 I cannot access the Land Records page on your website (

914 How do I request a copy of (or is there a way I can view) an LA Department of Public Works Memorandum File?

915 how do I pay my annual industrial waste inspection on line?

916 Hello, I run a licensed light bulb recycling and disposal company. I would like bulbcycle to be added to your directory for light bulb recycling. Please let me know how I can be added to your database. Thanks!! Andrew

917 Does your agency have any standard road cross sections that show right of way width, lane width, etc for different types of roads? Here's an example from San Diego County (pages at the end of the document show the cross sections)

918 Right in front of a residence in the City of Los Angeles there is a sidewalk and a fire hydrant with a one foot gap. Several people have already fallen walking through this sidewalk that is an immediate path to residence houses.

919 I have reported a graffiti problem on my street and received an email that it had been cleaned up. that email was false as nothing was done. I have repeatedly called your graffiti abatement office at 626-458-2542 (Erica Meza) and keep getting a recording. nobody has returned my calls. is there another number that i can call a talk with a human being??

920 Can I obtain some recycling bins for a school recycling program?

921 I would like to request a paper bin and battery bin if those items are still available. Thank you.

922 On which holidays are streets not swept?

923 I have a vacant lot and there are no existing fences or boundaries. How can I get the parcel properly marked and find out what the exact borders are?

924 URGENT: Neighbor's sewer line is connected with our sewer line and is backing up. The line goes under the side walk and is affecting several neighbors.

925 I notice that the County installed larger and more attractive street name signs in my community. Why didn't you upgrade the street name signs on my corner?

926 There is a pothole on Northbound/Southbound Lincoln Boulevard.

927 Walkers and runners on the Marvin Braude bikepath are a safety hazard.

928 I am looking for several FEMA LOMAs(Letters of Map Amendment) with the following case numbers: 97~09~555A 97~09~541A 97~09~501A 97~09~086A 96~09~890A 96~09~404A 96~09~567A 95~09~1034A 96~09~233A 95~09~788P 95~09~593A 95~09~672A 95~09~504A 95~09~404A 94~09~116A 93~09~310A 92~09~082G 199107138FIA 199106351FIA 199531414MBJ

929 I have a metal container that held helium to fill balloons. Can I recycle that in my blue bin?

930 Is there any incentive to collect rain water for irrigation in new construction?

931 I am looking for a digital copy of the County Highway Permit Ordinance.

932 Dear Hahn`s Trolley (HT) Pinnacle Petroleum, Inc. is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, certified nationally with WBENC. We are contacting you because we are interested in registering as a diversified supplier with your organization and obtaining bid solicitations or purchase opportunities. Since 1995 Pinnacle Petroleum has been offering customized fueling solutions to our customers located nationwide. Whether you are looking for bulk fuel supply, onsite fleet fueling, fuel cards, tank monitoring, emergency fueling, or full service inventory management, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements, offering all conventional and alternative fuels as well as lubricants and fuel additives. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, construction companies, rental car agencies, utilities, government agencies, railroads, and communication companies. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Liz McKinley. President Phone: 714~841~8877 Fax: 714~841~8855

933 I received your contact information from Brett Dingman form the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. I am a contractor working with Target Corporation. Would you be able to send me any permit requirements or any continuing obligations there are for wastewater, specifically grease traps under the L.A. County Public WorksÂ’ jurisdiction. My job is to make sure that any new stores that may be constructed have all the appropriate wastewater permits/notifications in place, or are working toward that end. The subject of the permitting is a Target Store located in Westlake Village. It is my understanding that all the construction permits have been secured. Now I am just looking into any of the operating permits.

934 Do we have a map with all the DPW Road and Flood maintenance yards in LA COUNTY where we can go and get gas for our county vehicles?

935 We are looking thru the standard plans but we can't find pdf's on TRASH RACKS (INCLINED). We saw them before. Do you still have these in pdf's?

936 I am looking for clarification and training materials to ensure my restaurant is compliant with all FOG initiatives.

937 Hi. I am planning to open a transitional home for the homeless and was advised to search for surplus property as a donation. Could you please give me more information with the process of finding available property for my transitional home? Where and how would I apply or purchase the property? Is there a list of available property? Or a direct contact for someone who may be able to walk me through the process? Thank you. I appreciate the help.

938 How can our school set up a recycling program for all the milk containers and other recyclable plastics used on a daily basis during breakfast and lunch? Our school disposes over 2,000 cartons on a daily basis, and double that when juice is served with the meals.

939 Good morning, How do I go about applying for vendor status for DPW or for the county, overall? Any purchasing department contact or application link/process assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Holmes Ghassemi P3 International " NYC

940 The Marvin Braude bike path was created for bicycles, yet there are hundreds of walkers and runners using it daily. This creates a dangerous situation. It is clearly marked 'Bikes Only'.

941 RE: your website: I've heard conflicting advise to apply or not apply black electricians TAPE to one or more terminals on all batteries being disposed of. I`ve heard it's a fire hazard as the contacts come into contact with the metal cases of other batteries in a recycle bin, and if they have any juice left in them they short~circuit and burn. And I've also heard that's just an old tale. Do you have instructions to insulate the battery terminals, or not?

942 How often do you sweep the Marvin Braude bike path?

943 Where can I get educational materials for storm channel safety? The community I teach in is directly adjacent to the San Gabriel River; with wetter weather imminent, kids need to be informed about the dangers. Years ago you provided a video called No Way Out but I cannot find education materials on your website anymore. We need to get this information to children asap. Thanks.

944 What are the 5 alternate grease disposal methods when applying for a grease permit for a restaurant

945 I'm a reporter working on a story. How do I reach a Department spokesperson?

946 What`s is the process to obtain EPD approval for a project located within 300` of an oil well? The oil well is presumed abandoned

947 What email address should I set my junk email filter to allow incoming emails from MyWAM?

948 Why has the San Gabriel River been flowing for a month at a time when it would normally be dry?

949 I just installed a Burglar alarm and fire alarm monitoring system in my house. Are there any permits that I need to have?

950 I have noticed for months now that the San Dimas Wash that crosses Azusa Ave has a very large amount of water running through it consistently. Could you please tell me why this is happening, especially when we are in a severe drought.

951 How do I convert the HCF Units or HCF daily use units to gallons used per day?

952 Need to find a location to recycle used old oil 55 gallon bends.

953 Dear to whom this may concern I am interested in acquiring land to build my business and I see on that there are many of them owned publicly. I was wondering, how can I find out which of those lots are available for purchase and whom I would need to contact. thank you very much. best regards Sevada

954 Given the current status of CA water supply and continued concerns for CA residents, I find it alarming that this type of watering is allowed by the city of Los Angeles. This ccurs EVERY Tue and Fri around 5:30AM. Sprinkler heads are broken off as well as over watering until the street floods, 2x a week. Thank you for putting a stop to this.

955 Good morning, I have a fair amount of electronic items that I need to dispose of. Might there be a pick up service provided by the city?

956 Is there a way to track water usage during a billing cycle?

957 Good Day, Can you please help me. I need to obtain information on getting the approved vendors list for methane barriers. I believe there is a LACRR number. Thanks for your help.

958 I would like to read the guidelines that govern the preservation of the Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area.

959 This is off topic, I have injection needles (hospital needles)from February when my father was out from the hospital and it has been sitting in our possession for months without knowing what to do with it. Where can we dispose those kinds of items because I heard from the home nurse that it is illegal to dump that kind of stuff inside a trash can? Do we take it to our nearest pharmacy to have it recycled?

960 My company is looking for resources/programs to help us recylce motor, compressor, and machinery oil. Is there any information that can be provided?

961 I am handicap and use a 3 wheel scooter. Can I ride the bus?

962 I need to build a small shed of approximately 80 square feet to protect my well and the associated pipes and wiring (plus, solar panels will go on the roof to power the well pump). The well is about seven feet from the property line. Is there a setback that applies here? I`m in an unincorporated area of the county (Kagel County).

963 Where can I dispose of: Empty oil barrels Propane tanks Car parts I`m in San Gabriel Valley. Thanks.

964 Where can I get free sandbags

965 q. do you offer free rides on new years eve q. what other day do you offer free rides), q. do you accept metrolink passes as payment, q. when do you update your timetables, q. which buses/shuttles are free to ride? (if none, who offers this)

966 Dear LA County DPW I am sending you this email to see if anybody has time for a quick visit during the following windows of time: Jan 5th: Morning or Afternoon (not between 10:30am~12:00pm) Jan 8th: Any time after 12:00 pm My name is Dennis Larson with Flood Resolutions. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor for the most comprehensive line of flood defense products within North America. We have over 50 linear miles of food defense barriers strategically stocked throughout the USA allowing us to be responsive to flood events wherever they arise. Details can be seen on our website. (Our brochure is attached) I would take any time you can spare to quickly go over the following: 1) Who we are and our capabilities during times of flooding 2) The assortment of flood defense materials we have 3) Our pre~flood, flood defense, and flood restoration applications 4) Regional stockpiles and current stocking operations 5) Leave our literature for your reference materials and/or contingency planning (electronic brochure attached) Do you have interest and availability for a quick visit? I would enjoy the opportunity to come by. If our schedules cannot connect during this time, I am happy to let you know next time I am in the area. I would appreciate any time you can spend in getting back to me. All the Best, Dennis Dennis D Larson Flood Resolutions USA CEO Cell 480~254~3957

967 Hi there. Can you let me know if the dial a ride for the area for 2144 Cyril Ave Los Angeles 90032 would use the east LA services? If travel is need to go to fair oak and next to Huntington hospital, what service can be used be seniors over 65? Thanks. ~Glenda Sent from iPhone

968 Can empty small propane canisters (like those used for a camping stove) be disposed of with regular garbage (ie, the black garbage cans)?

969 If I wanted to install an electrically motorized rolling gate at the end of my driveway, do I need a permit? Additionally, do I need to install an independent pedestrian gate?

970 I am trying to find the Code for determining occupancy loads for commercial space. I am trying to calculate the exits required per square feet of space. And I think it also takes into account how many people work in the space.

971 Crews fixing underground pipes are "destroying" our roads, the miserable patch job they do after they cover the hole is unsafe to drive on and damage vehicles. Please have them Pave the road rhe right way. We are taxpayers and deserve to have our roads fixed properly.

972 Why is there no street sweeping on Big Canyon Place?

973 I was wondering how LA county determines the temperature to open cooling centers? Are they only open when the temperature hits 90 degrees F? Or a different temperature? What are the criteria in order to open cooling centers?

974 As a real estate appraiser I get asked if an earthquake gas meter shut~off is required when you do a refinance on a home. I believe it was required in LA county on a transfer of sale only. Pls. qualify. Thanks, Kurt

975 I was able to visit your site "" until you changed your site. What is the new link to get to the records section.

976 I am submitting a Parcel Map in Incorporated Arcadia. Will you be doing the map check or the city?

977 Hello, I am the recycling coordinator for the City of Agoura Hills. I understand that solar panels are considered hazardous waste. Can solar panels be take to the Malibu collection event from one of our residents?

978 Hello, I am interested in purchasing real estate property that L.A. County is selling. Do you have a website available with a property listing or someone that I can contact to discuss. Really appreciate your help, Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

979 Does the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center accept CDs/CD cases and DVDs?

980 I 5 south damaged my tire and wheel due to a large pot hole

981 We live in a condo community and one of the residents let their dog(s) out loose without picking up after their dog(s). Is there anything the county can do? They also let their dogs out in the yard that the mail carrier would not deliver mail/package.

982 Would like to replace my recycling (blue) bin and my landcape (green) bin as they are cracked and broken. My address is 5143 Lindblade Drive, Culver City, CA 90230 (L.A. County) and my trash pickup day is Mondays. Thank you, Eva Yamamoto

983 We have a RV that people are living in on San Pedro St And 127th that dumps there human waste onto the street, which smells up the whole area. Is this legal and what can I do to get this removed? I`ve called my local police department 5 times and they say they can`t do anything.

984 I manage two buildings for ACLA that are in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles. One is at 14102 S. Broadway and the other is 240 W. 134th Street. There is a huge overnight parking problem in this area. Dozens of people living in their cars and RVs. This causes problems with waste of all kinds including human waste, piles of garbage bags, needles etc.There is no signage that tells the owners of these vehicles that they are not allowed to park there...AND they are not allowed to live there. This affects my business and my clients on a daily basis. Please put signage on this street to make overnight parking illegal for all cars and RVs. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

985 The utility box with my water meter in it is full of water, and I noticed that the grass is super green around the meter. I do not see water flowing out, but water is definitely leaking from somewhere.

986 July 4th is a Tuesday. Will the street sweeper be coming? If the sweeper is coming please let me know.

987 To whom it may concern: I`m working with the City of Manhattan Beach for some Storm Drain Improvements. The area of focus is on Redondo Avenue, between Gates and Curtis Avenue. I am aware of LACFCD`s catch basin and storm drain facilities within this area (BI 5401~Line A ~ Manhattan Beach). I wanted to ask if County has any records of hydrology studies done for the design of the storm drain facilities within this area. Thanks. Phong ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phong Tran SA Associates 714~871~9083 Tel 714~871~3652 Fax email:

988 We are ready to bill for items we delivered to Los Angeles County Public Works. Can you please let me know your Accounts Payable email address where we can send the invoice for this PO?

989 Simply trying to understand the process of selling County surplus real estate. Is there law on the books that someone can reference that would help me understand authority and process involved? Is there a contact department/individual that I could research or ping to better understand the processes involved? Thank you for your time and effort.

990 I am an environmental consultant. How do I get on this methane consultants` list:

991 What do these .shp's mean under "Soils 2004"? I'm looking for Hydrological classification (A,B, C, or D) and there is no information shown here....just a numerical ID for each boundary.

992 Are written instructions available for the use of the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry application?

993 Hello, Does your municipality have a list of fines by violation for your NPDES GP#2 program? Thanks

994 I am part of LADWP Department of Water and Power Development and Standards group. I was interested in finding out how the County of LA approve manufacturers for methane gas protection requirements. Do the manufacturers need to be approved with the City of Los Angeles?

995 Where to obtain plans and maps of existing underground utilities (substructure maps)on Western Avenue; between Century Blvd to 120th street?

996 what requirements are there for a public benefit corporation to receive any of the surplus properties as a charitable contribution before going up for auction?

997 Do you guys know a website where I can report dozens of flies flying around the area which disrupts me.

998 Have you stopped using your Tract and Parcel Recordation Web Site? Last map listed as recording Feb. 14, 2018

999 How do I request tree removal service from the city?

1000 How do you qualify for the Student Worker Program?