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Building Section

The Building Section of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Building and Safety Division is responsible for enforcing the County of Los Angeles Building Code (Title 26) and the State of California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24). Each district office provides service to specific unincorporated county areas. Plan review and permit issuance are performed at the district office or city serving the community where the project address is located. To determine which district office or city serves you, please refer to our Service Locator.

Building Plan Review

The Building Section reviews construction plans and documents for compliance with the current County of Los Angeles Building Code. Construction projects include new residential and nonresidential buildings and structures, remodels, additions, structural alterations, retaining walls, fences, swimming pools, fireplaces, tenant improvements, façade or storefront improvements, equipment anchorage, changes of occupancy and/or use, parking layout change, outdoor temporary events, signs and sign structures.

An over the counter plan check may be conducted for small additions and remodels when the scope of work is minor, the proposed work meets Conventional Framing (Type V construction) requirements, and the plan check engineer determines the review will take no more than 15 minutes. Visit our Local Offices page for Building plan check counter hours.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

The Building Section reviews all low-rise residential buildings (3 stories or less) for compliance with the Energy Efficiency Standards. All other structures will be referred to the Mechanical and Electrical Sections for review for compliance with the Energy Efficiency Standards.

Plan Check Expiration and Extension

A pending building permit application will expire twelve (12) months from the initial plan check submittal date if a permit has not been obtained within that time. Upon a written request, an extension of 180 days may be granted if an applicant can show that circumstances beyond their control prevented them from obtaining permits prior to the expiration date and a fee equal to 25 percent of the plan check fee is paid. A maximum of two extensions may be granted, after which a new application shall be filed and new plan check fees shall be paid.

Permit Expiration

The building permit will expire if the work authorized by the permit has not commenced within 180 days of the date of permit issuance, or if the work lapses for more than 180 days at any time after the start of work.

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