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The SmartBusiness Recycling Program has compiled a list of valuable resources and tools to effectively help you reduce the amount of trash your business generates and discards.

Use the "Recycler Locator" at the top of this page to access recycling companies that can recycle or reuse things from bottles, cans, papers and plastics, to computers, concrete, textiles, tires and wood. To find a recycler for the type of materials you are interested in, go to the Recycler Locator above and choose the category from the drop-down list in the upper box, then click the GO button. Displayed will be a list of recycling companies that accepts the material you have selected. The list will appear in alphabetical order, but you can also sort the list by zip code for easier access to recyclers in your area.

If you have a specific material to recycle that is not found in the drop-down list, such as toner cartridges, type the material you want to recycle in the lower box and click the GO button. Again, displayed will be a list of recycling companies that accepts the material(s) you want to recycle.

Please remember to contact the recycler to verify location, hours of operation, minimum quantities, restrictions, etc. before delivering materials. Inclusion of recycling companies in the database does not constitute an endorsement of any business entity, product, process, or service by the County of Los Angeles. The County has attempted to include all appropriate recycling companies in this database, but is not responsible for the omission of companies to this list.

To reduce the junk mail your business receives, visit our Junk Mail page.

Donate your old car to charity to be recycled or reused, such as Make a Wish Foundation.

In Los Angeles County, 10 million waste tires are generated every year. Old tires are problematic when improperly disposed because they provide the ideal habitat for disease-carrying mosquitoes, pests, and rodents that can affect nearby communities. Tire stockpiles are prone to uncontrollable fires resulting in air, soil, and water pollution. To dispose of tires, visit our sites accepting tires page.

Construction and demolition debris are materials generated during the building, remodeling, or removal of buildings, homes, roads, and landscaping projects. Materials resulting from these activities include, but are not limited to: concrete, asphalt, gypsum, wood, glass, metal, brick, soil, and tree trimmings. Projects are required by law to recycle their construction and demolition debris in certain areas. To recycle these materials, visit this list of recycling facilities (pdf).

The State of California makes available low interest rate loans for recyclers and manufacturers that use recycled materials in their products. The Los Angeles County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) can provide assistance with the loan application and help you through the funding process.

If your business is located in an incorporated area (city) within Los Angeles County and you need information on the recycling services offered in your city, click to the list of Recycling Contacts in Los Angeles County, a web site operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.

A materials exchange is designed to help businesses find markets for materials traditionally discarded, helping to save resources and money. The Los Angeles County Materials Exchange (LACoMAX) is operated by the Department of Public Works that lists available and wanted materials within Los Angeles County that would otherwise be discarded. There is no charge to list materials on the site, and items can be offered free of charge or for sale. The California Materials Exchange (CalMAX) is a state directory for options to donate, sell, or acquire materials.

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