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Welcome to the County of Los Angeles' SmartBusiness Recycling web site. This site is designed to help businesses reduce the amount of trash they generate and throw away – practices that will save your company money, conserve landfill space, and protect the environment by conserving natural resources.

Use the "Recycler Locator" found on each page of this site to access more than 350 recyclers that can recycle or reuse most everything from bottles, cans, papers and plastics, to computers, concrete, textiles, tires and wood. This site also includes industry-specific tips for reducing trash as well as case studies of businesses that have already successfully implemented waste reduction techniques. In addition, on the Resources page you will find links to valuable web sites and other resources to help you reduce your trash.

If you're serious about running your business more efficiently by generating and disposing of less trash then you truly are a smart business. Glad you joined us!

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