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Waste reduction or waste minimization is one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing the amount of trash you generate. In addition, it also makes your business operate more profitably, by reducing unnecessary waste.

The SmartBusiness Recycling Program has created waste reduction tips tailored for specific business types. If your business falls into any one of the following categories, click the appropriate type for a list of waste reduction tips that you can start utilizing today. You can click on the industries below to read them onscreen, or you can print them out and post for employees to read. Even if your business does not fit into one of these categories there still may be many useful tips from one or more categories that you can put into practice.

Eating Establishments (PDF, 84K)

Food Processors (PDF, 72K)

Food Retailers (PDF, 80K)

Health Care (PDF, 36K)

Hospitality (PDF, 36K)

Manufacturing (PDF, 36K)

Office and Educational (PDF, 36K)

Printing and Publishing (PDF, 36K)

Retail Sales (PDF, 36K)


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