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Composting Food Waste

Start a food composting program in your cafeteria.

Join the Department of Public Works as they have gone green and implemented a food compost program at their headquarters cafeteria in Alhambra. Four worm composting bins have been installed to reduce the amount of pre-consumer food waste (coffee grinds, fruits, and vegetables). The bins contain teams of Red Wiggler worms to digest the scraps.

The Red Wiggler worms are nature’s composters because they quickly convert food scraps into a rich soild amendment and fertilizer. They also produce a “worm tea” liquid which is an excellent natural fertilizer and pesticide.

This worm composting program could divert over 2,500 pounds a year of organic waste from the county's diminishing landfills. The compost and worm tea produced will be sold to nurseries and at county smart gardening workshops.

Visit for a how to video and instructions on worm composting and a schedule of the free smart gardening and composting workshops for residents.

To help your department start a food compost program, Public Works will provide free compost bins, worms, and instructions. Contact Sevak Khatchadorian at (626) 458-3582, Monday through Thursday, 7 am - 5 pm or by online email.
cook dumping lettuce
fruit/vegetable in worm compost
four worm bins
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