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Reduce Food Waste

  • Shop Smarter
    • Check your refrigerator and cupboards before grocery shopping to avoid buying food you already have.
    • Plan your meals for the week.
    • Purchase odd-shaped or “ugly” fruits and vegetables.
  • Store Food Mindfully
    • Freeze fruits and vegetables if you know they will not be eaten right away.
    • Use the FoodKeeper website to learn how to maximize the freshness and quality of food.
  • Manage Excess Food
    • Learn the differences between “Sell by”, “Use by”, “Best by” and expiration dates on the County of Los Angeles Public Health website.
    • Create new dishes and snacks with leftover food.

Get Involved

  • Donate unopened non-perishable (retail packaged) items to local food banks/food pantries.
  • Organize a community food drive and a food waste prevention challenge.
  • Volunteer at your local food banks/food pantries.
  • Encourage your local supermarkets, restaurants and schools to donate excess food.

For more information on safe surplus food prevention and donation resources, visit the County of Los Angeles Public Health website. Also, visit the Food DROP Businesses page to find the interactive map of our food recovery partners in the area!