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We encourage you to attend a free Smart Gardening workshop to improve your lawn/garden and reduce waste. No reservations needed. Workshops are about 1.5 hours and are held at Learning Centers, libraries, parks, and schools. Beginner Workshops introduce you to smart gardening. Advanced Workshops are for those who love to garden (schedule listed at bottom).

Purchase a backyard or worm compost bins at a discount after each workshop. A free bin will be raffled off to an attendee at workshops marked with a star. Five pomegranate trees (1-gallon) will be raffled off at workshops marked with a fruit. Visit our instructional videos for an idea of what is taught.


See you in the Spring!


Beginner workshops provide hands-on instruction on the basic techniques of composting, worm composting, water-wise gardening, and grasscycling.




See you in the Spring!

Advanced workshops teach you organic gardening, landscaping with native drought-tolerant plants, and integrated pest management (environmentally-sound ways to control pests).


Managed by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Environmental Programs Division
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