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Work Orders for JOC Contract 1605

Company Name:  New Creation Builders
Amount:  $4,500,000
Contract No: PW15064
Start Date: 4/3/2017
End Date: 4/2/2018


Work Order #Work Order TitleWork Order AmountWork Order Description
1605-006.00 WNRA Area "A" Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal $149,058.24

Demo asphalt, Remove UST and dispose of per code, Sample soil in voided pit for contamination, Import sand/soil to fill pit: compact fill, Resurface asphalt for park exit lane.

1605-007.00 Victoria Park Pool Mechanical Room Repair $715,235.39

The scope of the repair includes the complete replacement and repair of the electrical, plumbing, and related components in the mechanical room and the adjacent exterior area. Includes coordination with SCE and connection to SCE power source.

1605-008.00 Avocado Heights Equestrian Arena Refurbishment $179,998.79

Regrade the riding arena, provide new footing, repair existing arena fencing and pipe rails, repaint restroom build, and refurbish restroom fixtures.

Total $1,044,292.42 
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