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Work Orders for JOC Contract 1603

Company Name:  New Creation Builders
Amount:  $4,500,000
Contract No: PW15065
Start Date: 4/3/2017
End Date: 4/2/2018


Work Order #Work Order TitleWork Order AmountWork Order Description
1603-023.00 Radiology Ph 3: Pre/Post Air/Elec Mon $19,698.59

Air Balancing and Electrical Work for Harbor UCLA Room 2W-12

1606-003.00 Baldwin Park Animal Care Center Drainage Improvement $580,467.09

Reconstruct and upgrade the existing on-site retention basin area at the southwest corner of the site.

1606-005.00 MDR Taber Library Parking Lot BMP Project $73,502.23

Installation of storm water filtration membrane device, PVC pipes, PCC gutter and sidewalk, and AC pavement patch back.

1606-005.01 MDR Taber Library Parking Lot - Unloading of BioClean Concrete Vault, Supplemental #1 $2,042.38

Provide crane services and traffic control for unloading of County-supplied BioClean Concrete Vault.

1606-006.00 MLK North Support Building AHU Replacement $471,818.25

Remove existing Air Handling Units and associated cooling and heating coils, structural support, mounts, and disconnect and secure power and control connections.

1606-006.01 MLK NSB AHU Replacement - Temporary Cooling/Heating Unit $41,122.07

Provide a single temporary cooling and heating unit at the exterior of the MLK Medical Building.

1606-006.02 MLK NSB AHU Replacement - Fire Alarm Upgrade $23,806.75

Fire alarm system for AHU-11 and AHU-12 and connect to the Campus main fire alarm system.

1606-007.00 MLK Hawkins Transformers - Load Readings $10,764.00

Load metering of MLK Transformer project design

Total $1,223,221.36 
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