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Work Orders for JOC Contract 1609

Company Name:  MTM Construction, Inc.
Amount:  $4,500,000
Contract No: PW15068
Start Date: 4/3/2017
End Date: 4/2/2018


Work Order #Work Order TitleWork Order AmountWork Order Description
1609-002.00 Leavey HVAC Refurbishment Project $375,146.84

Provide construction management services, QA/QC, Haz-Mat, investigation & scope.

1609-004.00 Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial Refurbishment Waterfall - Phase 2 $801,647.96

Reconstruction of Waterfall wall including all associated mechanical, electrical, and plubming equipment and ADA improvements.

1609-007.00 George C. Page Museum Structural Repairs $595,062.28

George C Page Museum Structural Repairs

1609-009.00 ORCHID OVMC-Added Emergency Power for the Angio Suite $134,387.15

Construction of Electrical Room and the installation of conduits, feeders and electrical panel to provide emergency power for the Angioplasty Suite, per OSHPD.

1609-010.00 Monrovia PHC HVAC System Refurb - Mechanical Changes & Air Balance Support $26,893.33

Provide mechanical and controls labor and materials to support air balance adjustments at the Whittier PHC.

1609-011.00 MLK OPC Central Sterile Renovation - Demolition Work $70,766.99

Demolition of Central Sterile area for Renovation Work

Total $2,003,904.55 
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