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Welcome to the LADPW eNotify System

The LADPW offers this free e-mail based service to notify interested parties in a timely manner of news and events of specific interest. Please enter your information and eNotify preferences below. To ensure that you receive the Activation and Notification e-mails from the LADPW eNotify system, first add to your e-mail address book.

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*Radius Coverage Area is the radius in miles measured from the center of your zip code. You will receive a notification e-mail (frequency based on your schedule preference) that includes all events with zip codes that are included in the selected coverage area.
Alert Notifications Cell Phone Alert Coverage Area
Bikeway Closures    check all
All Bikeway Closures Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Coyote Creek Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Los Angeles River Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Marvin Braude Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Rio Hondo Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
San Gabriel River Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Emergency Management    check all
Debris and Mudflow Forecast Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Transportation    check all
Marina del Rey Projects Receive Cell Phone Alert! N/A
Road Closures Receive Cell Phone Alert!

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Disclaimer: L.A. County Department of Public Works (LADPW) provides this Alert Notification service as a convenience to the public. While every effort is made to provide accurate and timely information, the information actually made available is current as of the time it is updated onto our system. Please be advised that multiple Alerts may be provided per day in severe conditions. For additional information, please refer to the web site Terms of Use.
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Business with County    check all
All In The Works  
Media Advisory  
Press Release  
Emergency Management    check all
Land, Water and Flood Risk Management  
Waste Management    check all
Antelope Valley Illegal Dumping Task Force  
Conversion Technology Newsletter  
County of LA EPS Food Container Newsletter  
Integrated Waste Management Task Force  
L.A. County Materials Exchange  
LA County Plastic and Paper Carryout Bag Ordinance  
Task Force Legislative Update  
Water Resources    check all
Waste Discharge Requirements Updates  
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