Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need to post Grading Permit Security and need to find out who to make a cd note payable to. ie "Dept of Public Works, Los Angeles County" Can I Have 2 CD's so one can be released, similar to 50% Cash or Bond release. How long should the CD be set up for. They have good rates for 10 month and 15 month CD's. If I can purchase 2 CD's then I could possibly get 2 different types.

The CD should be made payable to "Los Angeles County Department of Public Works".
2 CDs are acceptable and the CD can be set up for 6 months or one year with automatic renewal.

Please contact our Customer Service desk at (626) 458-6534 to obtain information on processing a CD. Please note that the bank’s rating first needs to be determined. Customer Service will provide the form that needs to be completed and returned. If the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s office approves the bank’s rating, the customers can then bring a CD to fulfill the requirements.

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