Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I work for an non-profit benefit corporation, Operation Reach. It is my understanding that some surplus property is auctioned off to the public without price control, and that other property is auctioned off to agencies providing free public services to senior citizens, veterans, homeless and low-income individuals at a reduction in price, and in some cases, at no cost at all. Would you advise if the property listed above or any other property in Los Angeles has the potential of being purchased by an agency such as Operation Reach at a reduced rate or as a closed-auction purchase. Thank you, Erica Cowart

By State Law, as a public agency, we are unable to give a gift of public funds ( or assets )..............California Constitution, Article 15, Sections 5 & 6.

The properties listed on our Public Works website were acquired as result of various County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works projects. The properties listed have since been determined to be excess to the needs of the Department.

Surplus properties are sold by way of public auction, include those that are independently developable or those that are required to be sold by way of public auction by matter of Government Code. The list of properties on our website all fall under that category.

You could lease county property, depending on your requested use. If you are interested, please submit a letter identifying the property you are inquiring about to:

Ms. Olivia Moreno
Principal Real Property Agent
County of Los Angeles
Department of Public Works
Mapping and Property Management Division
900 S. Fremont Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803

Once we receive your request, we will send you an acknowledgement letter and your request will be circulated for availability. If the property you request is determined available,we will provide you additional information on the process. Thank you for your interest.