Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I conserve water in my garden?

By using water-wise gardening techniques, you can help conserve water while maintaining a beautiful and efficient yard.

Start with these five steps to help maintain a lush and efficient garden that requires less water and reduces the need for pruning:

1. Hydrozone: group plants according to their water needs.

2. Selecting Plants: use drought tolerant or native plants to create a low water-use, low maintenance landscape.

3. Irrigation: install sprinklers, drip emitters and timers so you only give plants the amount of water they really need.

4. Improve Your Soil: mix compost into your soil to improve its moisture retaining capability and fertility.

5. Use Mulch: place mulch around your plants, along walkways and on top of other bare areas to reduce water use and prevent weeds.

The Smart Gardening Water-Wise Fact sheet is also provided (link provided below).

For additional information or questions on water-wise gardening techniques, you may attend a FREE Smart Gardening workshop at any of our 11 permanent centers throughout the County (link provided below).

  Smart Gardening Water-Wise Fact sheet

  Smart Gardening Workshop Schedule
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