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Hi - Do you know of any recycling center in great LA that takes CD jewel cases (the clear plastic ones)? I have about 300 and I called my local hauler - Athens Svcs - and they will not recycle them if I put them in the blue bin....


Thank you for visiting our website and for your inquiry.

We recommend that you contact the City of West Hollywood's Environmental Services at or visit their website (see link below) to find out about recycling CD jewel cases. However, from our research on the Internet, we see that there is no place in the Los Angeles area that recycles them. There is a company we found that takes CD cases which is, and you may mail the cases to them, but they do charge a fee.

Another option is to post them on the Los Angeles County Online Materials Exchange ( for someone who may want them (See link below).

Additionally, you are welcome to visit the County of Los Angeles SmartBusiness website for a listing of companies that might recycle CD cases (link provided below). Please contact each recycling facility for specific information and requirements.

  City of West Hollywood



  County of Los Angeles SmartBusiness Recycling
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