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I live in the City of Los Angeles. How do I find out if the owner of my 6 unit apartment building pays the recycling fee? We do not have any recycling bins and my neighbors in the building say it is because the landlord doesn't want to pay for it. But from reading your website it sounds like it is automatically in the waste hauler bill that he already pays. If he is already paying the recycling fee, then we would like to get recycle bins. All of the buildings next to us recycle with the city's pick up service.

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As the address provided is within the City of Los Angeles, please contact the City's Bureau of Sanitation at (866) 933-1101 or visit their website (links provided below) to get information about your apartment building. Bureau of Sanitation's Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division (SRCRD) is currently registering multi-family residential buildings (five units or more) for a free recycling program.

  City of LA Multi-family Residential Recycling Prog

  City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation
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