Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the rules/regulations regarding newly paved streets where a proposed private construction project will have to cut into newly paved areas?

In addition, who, when and where does one get an official notification that a particular Department of Public Works project is completed or approved?

The County has a two-year moratorium on all newly resurfaced streets. We do not allow cuts in these streets for two full years from the completion date of the resurfacing project.

However, if a street must be cut, we need justification from the utility company specifying why the work could not have been done prior to the resurfacing project. If we do allow the street to be cut, there may be additional requirements to repair the street. For example, we may require that the entire lane width is resurfaced. Each case is reviewed independently.

Requests for information about upcoming projects or recently completed projects may be directed to our main office at 900 South Fremont Avenue, 8th Floor in the City of Alhambra. Our telephone number is (626) 458-3104.

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