Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If the status of my invoice in the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen is Payment in Process, how long does the payment process take?

County policy specifies that vendor invoices be paid within 30 days of receipt. In many instances invoices are paid sooner than that. If there are special payment terms by agreement, those terms are adhered to. If there are discount terms available, it is also policy to pay according to those terms and to take discounts. Vendor invoices received with missing or incorrect purchase order numbers may be returned, and invoices not adhering to purchase order terms and specifications may be short paid. Invoices containing all information needed for us to pay are paid within the 30 day period over 97% of the time. If you need further assistance please contact the Accounts Payable Section at (626)458-6900 or by e-mail at

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