Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the major terms and conditions the City agrees to in making service requests of the Department?

Per the General Services Agreement executed between the cities and the County, the city shall have funds appropriated for any service the city requests of the County and shall pay for services performed upon receipt of an itemized invoice from County. Such services shall be performed in a manner which do not interfere with the performance of standard County operations. The General Services Agreement provides that the County will provide the same level of services that the County provides to unincorporated areas. Each participating city receiving services from the County agrees to contribute to a trust fund established for the payment of losses as well as administration and handling for which the County may be liable under terms of this agreement. The above is only a partial summary of important terms in the above-referenced agreements between the city and the County. Each city, by its use of this City Services Request Tracking System, acknowledges and agrees to be held to all the terms and conditions of the relevant General Services Agreement and Assumption of Liability Agreement/Joint Indemnity Agreement.