Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Could you explain what the Department means by Operations, Maintenance, and Design, and how these terms are different?

Operation – Actions necessary to ensure infrastructure is implemented as designed and functions in a reliable manner that is in compliance with industry requirements and standards or as directed which may include the continuous development of efficiencies and/or improvement of reliability of computer, electrical, hydraulic, information technology, and mechanical systems such as the upgrade of an alert, controller, gate, motor, processor, program, pump, valve, and other.

Maintenance – Actions necessary to retain/restore infrastructure in a state of good repair, to ensure continued service as originally designed and constructed.

Design – Performance of an engineering analysis that may include calculations, modeling, testing, failure investigation; review of codes/standards; determination of site conditions; comparison of cost-benefit that result in plans, reports, specifications, and recommendations for infrastructure construction, enhancement, improvement, mitigation, modification, repair, replacement, restoration, other.