Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am considering building a concrete wall between my house and my neighbor's. What are the necessary procedures? Do I need to obtain a permit? If so, what are the building rules & regulations necessary to obtain a permit? Do I need to have a survey for the site? How is the cost determined by two parties?

In the unincorporated Los Angeles County area, a freestanding fence or block wall may be constructed up to a height of six (6?) feet without a permit. However, if the wall is to retain any soil, a permit may be necessary. The Department of Regional Planning has some restrictions on where and how high a wall can be built.

To completely answer your question, it would be necessary for a Regional Planning representative to review the layout of your property (site plan) with you. I would suggest that you contact our closest District office and they can advise you where this can best be done. There is a representative from Regional Planning that periodically visits many of our offices and would be able to provide answers specific to your property.

A survey of your property would generally not be required. If there is some dispute as to where the property lines are, you would probably be well advised to have a survey done.

The matter of dividing and sharing the cost of the new wall is entirely up to you and your neighbor(s). How you share any costs is not regulated by the Building & Safety Division.

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