Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We added a family room off our garage without the proper permit and am now in the process of selling this home. I want to include this additional square footage to the total square footage of my home, but understand that it must first be approved.

How can I get this approved now?

To determine if a permit has been obtained for the addition in question you will need to contact the Building and Safety Field Office serving your area. If you verify that a permit has not been obtained for the addition, you should speak with the office manager who will inform you on what is necessary to legalize the addition.

The typical procedure to legalize the existing, un-permitted structure depends on the size and complexity of the addition, this can involve a variety of steps from having an engineer review the existing construction to demolishing and rebuilding portions of the un-permitted addition. Because the addition was originally constructed without the proper permit, it must now meet the requirements of the current codes before it may be permitted. This could involve retrofitting the foundation, walls, or framing to meet the requirements of today's building code requirements. The office manager will be able to guide you through the process in more detail.

  LA County Building and Safety District Offices
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