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Airport Customer Service Survey

We want your feedback! Your input will help us improve the service. Please answer the questions below and indicate the response that best describes your experience.

    • For which airport are you submitting this survey?
      • Brackett Field Airport (POC)
      • Compton/Woodley Airport (CPM)
      • San Gabriel Valley Airport (EMT)
      • General William J. Fox Airfield (WJF)
      • Whiteman Airport (WHP)
    • Please indicate which of the following best describes you (select all that apply):
      • Based Hangar Tenant
      • Based Tiedown Tenant
      • Based Business Operator
      • General User of Airport Facilities and Services
      • Other
    • When did you last use the services of airport management/airport operations?
    • What is the name of the person who last helped you?
    • How would you rate...
        Above Average
        Below Average
      • The overall service(s) you received?
      • Our ability to direct you to the appropriate service(s)?
      • Our ability to process your request(s) in a timely manner?
      • Our level of courtesy and professionalism?
      • Our knowledge related to your requests?
      • The overall safety at the airport?
      • The overall security at the airport?
      • The overall appearance of the airport?
      • The public restrooms?
      • The public pilots lounge/flight planning facilities?
      • The availability of pilot supplies?
      • The availability of aircraft services (e.g. maintenance, avionics, aircraft parts, etc.)?
      • The restaurant at the airport?
      • The public viewing/recreation area?
      • The aircraft washing facilities?
      • The condition of the fuel facilities?
      • The condition of the runways/taxiways?
      • The lighting/marking/airfield guidance systems?
  • B. COSTS
    • In your opinion, our prices for the following are:
        Very Low
        Very High
      • Hanger Rental
      • Tiedown Rental
      • Fuel Prices
    • What do you particularly like about the airport functions and products, services, and facilities available at the airport - i.e. what are we doing well?
    • Please list current airport functions, products, services and facilities, which could be improved (please be specific: restrooms, restaurant, aircraft wash facilities, fuel services, pilot's shops, lounges, etc.).
    • What ADDITIONAL products, services, or facilities would you like to see at the airport?
    • Why do you choose to visit, utilize, and/or base your aircraft at this particular airport?
    • Additional Comments:
  • (Optional) Your contact information will allow us to contact you if we need to discuss your feedback.
    • Name:
    • Telephone:
    • Email:
    • Call back instructions:
Thank you for taking the time to help us serve you better!
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