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Welcome to the Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment application.
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The California State Association of Counties (CSAC), the League of California Cities (League), and the County Engineers Association of California (CEAC) in partnership with the membership of the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA), the California Councils of Government (CalCOG), and the California Rural Counties Task Force (RCTF) are pursuing a needs assessment study of our city streets and county roads in California that includes both pavement and nonpavement transportation needs. The basic questions are:

  • What are the conditions of the local streets and roads?
  • How much will it cost to bring them up to a good condition?
  • How much will it cost to maintain them in good condition over the next 25 years?
  • How much revenue is projected to be available for them over the same 25 years?
  • What is the funding shortfall as a result of these projections?
In the short term, we are seeking an assessment of the pavement needs of local streets and roads, including maintenance and rehabilitation. In the long term, local agencies want to pursue a more comprehensive assessment, which includes nonpavement needs (i.e., drainage, storm damage and NPDES permits, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and curb ramps; medians, guardrails, traffic signals, signing and stripping, and street lights). This study will focus on pavement needs and, to the extent information and funds are available, will also collect data on nonpavement needs. Our goal is for the needs assessment process to continue on a permanent basis (possibly on a 2-year to 4-year cycle) beyond this current study; the information would also be incorporated into regional plans and updated regularly. The final report of this study will be available for the policy and decision makers in the State, including the Governor, the Legislature, and the California Transportation Commission.

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