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Flood Control District Permits

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    Before submitting an application for a permit, make sure the facility or right of way affected by your project is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District (District). Additionally, there are segments of channels within the District’s jurisdiction that are maintained by the U.S. Corps of Engineers (Corps), which involve property rights in favor of the District. In these cases, requests for a construction permit must be submitted directly to the Corps. However, upon receipt of a Corps permit, the proposed project will also require a Right of Entry or Access permit from the District. A District permit engineer can be reached at (626) 458-3129 for the submittal requirements which will include an application form, Corps approved project plans, Corps 408 Permit, and fees.

    Review Time

    Processing access and filming permits takes approximately 2 weeks; permit requests for construction of simple connections or modifications take from 3 to 5 weeks; requests needing extensive engineering review take 4 to 6 weeks per round of review. These times do not include the time needed to acquire entitlements (i.e. property rights, use agreements, leases) or outside-agency approvals (i.e. US Army Corps of Engineers, State Fish & Game, CEQA, RWQCB, etc.) that may be required.

    Conceptual Reviews

    In cases where a potential customer may wish to seek conceptual review prior to the full engineering application of a project, a request for conceptual review should be submitted to the Department’s Watershed Management Division. Please contact 626 458-4301 for coordination.

    Other Approvals

    It is the responsibility of the project proponent to obtain all the necessary approvals and clearances from other agencies and underlying property owners. Proof of some approvals may be required prior to the issuance of a Flood Permit.

    Other Agency Clearances

    Depending on the magnitude and scope of the proposed project, clearances/approvals from other agencies may be required such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California Fish and Game, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Agricultural Commission, The Regional Water Quality Control Board, etc. All environmental clearances must be adopted by the lead agency prior to the issuance of a District Permit.

    Entitlements/Property Rights/Agreements

    The project proponent may be required to submit proof that property rights for the proposed improvements/activities have been acquired, or to dedicate rights (easements, etc.) in favor of the District, or to complete other processes as triggered by the project scope. In certain instances, processing of the permit request and dedication/acquisition of rights of way may occur concurrently. Be advised that the right of way dedication process may take several months and is normally done directly with the Survey/Mapping and Property Management Division who will impose separate fees and requirements. Other projects that may require the execution of leases, agreements, etc., will follow a similar process. It is strongly recommended that the permit and right-of-way process be given ample time to avoid project delays.

    Army Corps Review—408 Permit

    Any project that affects a facility built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) will require their approval (408 Permit). In these cases, the District will coordinate the review by both agencies, however, review will not be performed concurrently. For that reason, upon achieving DPW’s acceptance, requests may take a few additional months to obtain Corps approval. Furthermore, an operational and maintenance agreement must be executed, upon project approval by both agencies, prior to the issuance of a Flood Permit. It is strongly recommended that requests affecting Corps-built facilities be given ample time to avoid project delays.

    Los Angeles River Cooperation Committee

    Before a request for a Flood District permit can be accepted, the project proponent must obtain acceptance for the proposed project from the Los Angeles River Cooperation Committee which can be reached at 626 458-4341.

    Storm Season

    Removal of storm drain improvements will not be allowed during the storm season (from October 15 to April 14) and restricted during the dry season at the Discretion of the District engineer depending on dry-weather forecasts. Obstruction or diversion of flows must be formally approved by the District prior to their implementation. During the period from April 15 to October 15, certain work activities may be allowed in the channel. However, capacity to convey flows around any obstructions or openings in the channel lining shall be provided as follows: June 1 to August 31- 5 percent of design capacity. September 1 to October 15 - one-third design capacity.

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