This content will provide guidance in the preparation and submittal of road and bridge plans within Los Angeles County public road right of way for review and approval. Bridge plans submittal, review and approval procedures are similar to Street Improvement Plans.

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Street Improvement Plans that includes work causing changes to the line and grade of streets or other work which in the opinion of the Director of Public Works requires a design by a competent engineer shall be prepared by a civil engineer registered in California. Work that are minor in nature and does not require any design such as sidewalk replacement, driveway construction/replacement, or street tree planting may be prepared on plans by other than a registered civil engineer.
To confirm that the proposed work are in conformance with the County standards before obtaining a construction permit to construct street improvements.
Any proposed work within the public right of way may need a street improvement plan. Also subdivision and single-lot projects could be subject to conditions of approval requiring the submittal of street improvement plan.
For unincorporated areas, the street improvement plan approval process starts with Land Development Division, located on the 3rd floor of Public Works Headquarters. If your streets are in incorporated cities, check with those cities. Please see below for the submittal process to Land Development Division.



Most privately proposed street improvements in the public right of way are a result of an approved land use. You must obtain approval from the Department of Regional Planning for your proposed land use before you start preparing street improvement plans (this applies to bridge plans as well). To learn more about the planning stage process with the County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning, click here.


Below are some tips and tools to help in preparing the street improvement/bridge plan. The typical lay-out of a street improvement plan consists of a title sheet, general notes/detail sheet, and plan and profile sheets. For a template of the border sheet click here.


Below are links to useful references if you have detailed questions regarding street improvement plans.


To properly process your submittal and to facilitate your plan review, please submit all related reference documents (for a copy of the checklist please click here). It is our policy to review only completed submittals. Incomplete submittal packages that do not contain the necessary references, documents, or supporting calculations may be delayed or rejected. For questions regarding this process, please contact the appropriate plan checking unit at (626) 458-4921.


To submit your street/bridge plan for review, upload your plans and supporting information online (link below).

Submit my plans


You can pay the plan check review fees in person or online using e-check / credit card (for charges less than $50,000). After you have submitted your plans for review, a link will be generated and e-mailed to you where you can pay the fee online.

For your convenience, our fee schedule and cost and bond estimating spreadsheets are available below. Please note that the plan check fee covers up to 4 reviews of the street/bridge plan submittal. Additional fees will be required after the 5th submittal.

You can submit your improvement plans and supporting documents online to the County’s Electronic Plan and Inspection Permitting System (EPIC-LA) at the link

At a minimum, we require the items listed below to begin reviewing your plans:

  • Street Improvement Plans
  • Engineering estimate
  • Plan check fee
  • Approved planning documents (Conditions of Approval, approved tentative maps, approved site plan)


For each plan submittal, a check print and a correction list will be generated and sent to the applicant who submitted the plans via EPIC-LA. These documents will address deficiencies in the plan and inform you of supporting documents that are needed to obtain plan approval. Corrections can be uploaded via the same EPIC-LA portal.


Where improvements encroach within City or other agency jurisdictions it will be necessary to acquire the respective agency approval before plans are signed.

Once the Street Plan is approved you may apply for an encroachment/construction permit to construct the improvements. Refer to these links regarding the process for submitting a construction permit application:

The street improvement plan expires two years from the date of approval. If your plan expires before you obtain the construction permit, you'll need to submit a new plan with supporting documents for review and approval. The process of submittal, review and approval will start anew.

As construction progresses, site conditions may warrant design changes to the approved street plans. It is the responsibility of the permittee to inform the plan check engineer of these changes and provide revised street plans for approval prior to proceeding with the changes. Street plan revisions may be submitted via the EPIC-LA portal at

For subdivision projects the approval of the street plan is a pre-requisite for recording the final map. Street final map clearance will be issued after completing all final map requirements for street improvements, either with or after the street plan approval.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Grading and Road Plan Check Section at (626) 458-4921.

To discuss your project with us in person, please make an appointment with us to meet at our public counter between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, M-Th at the address below:

County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works
3rd Floor, Land Development Division
900 South Fremont Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803

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