Slauson Avenue Revitalization

Project Overview

The project is located along Slauson Avenue, extending from La Brea Avenue in unincorporated Los Angeles County on the west to Angeles Vista Boulevard in the City of Los Angeles on the east.

The primary objective of the project is to encourage revitalization of the area as a town center through pedestrian and aesthetic improvements along Slauson Avenue. The roadway will be reconstructed to include a new streetscape that achieves this objective while maintaining the existing number of vehicular travel lanes. The 14-foot-wide outside travel lane will continue to be used for parking during off-peak periods and as a travel lane during peak periods. The existing 8-foot-wide sidewalk will be aesthetically improved with landscaping and parkway furniture. The road will also be improved with a 10-foot-wide raised landscaped median.

Traffic/Pedestrian Impacts During Construction

Work on the center median of Slauson Avenue will continue for the coming weeks with lane closures adjacent to the medians from La Brea Avenue to just East of Overhill Drive.