Willowbrook Area Access Improvements

Project Overview

The primary objective of this project is to improve mobility of pedestrians and bicyclists in the vicinity of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital located in the unincorporated County community of Willowbrook.

The project limits are: Wilmington Avenue from Imperial Highway to 480 feet south of 120th Street, 120th Street from Compton Avenue to Wilmington Avenue, 119th Street from Wilmington Avenue to Willowbrook Avenue. Please see project map.

The project includes the following improvements: landscape and irrigation throughout the project limits; sidewalk enhancements such as colored concrete unit pavers and curb ramp upgrades; pavement repair and crosswalk enhancements; construction of new raised medians with landscaping; renovation of existing landscaped median; refurbishing existing and providing new site furnishings such as bus shelters, trash receptacles, benches, and bike racks; pedestrian lighting; bike routes/lanes; wayfinding and monument signage; and traffic signal upgrades.

Conceptual Rendering of Proposed Parkway Improvements

Project Stakeholders


The project design and construction is financed by the Federal Active Transportation Program funds granted by the California State Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and County local funds. The wayfinding and monument signage is financed by Local Transportation funds granted by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and County local funds.

Traffic/Pedestrian Impacts During Construction

Construction activities will require a detour of pedestrians to opposite sides of affected street. Detour signs will be posted.
The work proposed for the month of August 2017 includes the following items: testing of the main irrigation line on E. 120th Street, installation of pedestrian lights, removal of sidewalk on the south side of E. 120th Street between Compton Avenue and Healthy Way, construction of concrete crosswalks at the intersection of E. 118th Street and Wilmington Avenue, reconstruction of the median island on Wilmington Avenue south of the 105 Fwy on/off ramps, installation of landscaping, and continuation of paver installation.