Transit Capital Projects

Public Works administers a number of capital improvement projects related to public transit, including Park-and-Ride lots, bus stop amenities, bus stop improvements, and commuter rail stations.

Bus Stop Improvement Program

Building Public Works manages a Bus Stop improvement Program that provides for the installation of bus pads and the improvement and/or replacement of curb, gutter, and sidewalk at bus stop sites. Concrete bus pads are being installed in various unincorporated County locations to minimize pavement deterioration caused by bus traffic at bus stops.

Bus Stop Amenities Program

There are more than 1,800 bus stops throughout the unincorporated areas of the County. Public Works administers a bus stop amenities program that allows private vendors to install and maintain over 300 advertising bus stop shelters and 1,000 advertising bus benches, all at no cost to the County. Public Works also installed over 300 non-advertising shelters, 100 non-advertising benches, and 800 trash receptacles at bus stops. Furthermore, to improve safety and security for our patrons waiting for buses at night we installed over 200 solar light poles at various Metro and Foothill Transit bus stops.
Advertising Bus Stop Shelter
Advertising Bus
Stop Shelter
South County Shelter
South County
Bus Stop Shelter
North County Shelter
North County
Bus Stop Shelter
Kaleidoscope Bus Stop Shelter
Kaleidoscope Bus Stop
Shelter (Whittier Blvd
& East LA)
Advertising Bench
Advertising Bus
Stop Bench
Non-advertising Bench
Bus Stop Bench
Trash receptacle
32-Gallon Capacity
Trash Receptacle
Solar Light Pole
Solar Light Pole
for Metro Bus Stop
Solar Light Pole for Foothill Transit Bus Stop
Solar Light Pole
for Foothill Transit
Bus Stop
PV Stop Solar Bus Pole
PV Stop Solar Bus
Pole (Whittier
Blvd & East LA)

Commuter Rail (Metrolink) Stations

Acton/Vincent Grade Metrolink Station In conjunction with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), the State, and the City of Palmdale, the Acton/Vincent Grade Metrolink Station opened for public use in 2000. To fit in with the surrounding community, we built this station following a western motif.

CSULA Metrolink Station In conjunction with Metro; California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA); and the Cities of Alhambra, Los Angeles, and Monterey Park; we participate in the operation and maintenance of the CSULA Metrolink Station.