Department of Public Works
Generation Earth: An Environmental Education Program from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works


Generation Earth is an environmental education program of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presented by TreePeople. We provide development training and personalized support to secondary school teachers and students in Los Angeles County. Our approach is to encourage and assist those who want to make a difference in their local environment through campus and community eco-projects.

Each section of this Web site provides complete program information for different audiences. Just go to the section that is for you to find all the tools, resources and ideas you need to get started:

  • The Students section includes campus audit materials and project management strategies for students involved in environmental service projects.
  • In the Teachers section, educators will find the steps to implementing environmental service learning into the classroom.
  • Eco-clubs and community youth groups can find activities and assistance in the Youth Group section.
  • School administrators and managers can explore the Schools section to find out more.

The Generation Earth program has served Los Angeles County schools for over ten years. To learn more about our program, check out What We Do and How We Started. To see a list of schools and community organizations that have participated in the program, check out the Participating Schools page.

There is no program support available at this time, but this site offers useful tools and guidance for creating your own eco-projects at school or in your community.

Enjoy our site!

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