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Generation Earth for Youth Groups: Resources for Los Angeles County Eco-Clubs

Generation Earth for Youth Groups: The Teen Action Program

Generation Earth is an environmental education program that was created to empower students to take environmental action. A few years ago, a group of teens in Los Angeles contacted us looking for help with their eco-club. We provided them with suggestions and activity ideas. Many calls from many teens later, we realized we could assist eco-clubs as a well as other youth groups interested in environmental work by collecting our activities, information and resources and publishing it. That's how the Teen Action Program was started. And that's what this section of the site is about.

The Teen Action Program is designed to provide youth and youth leaders the tools and information they need to:

  • Learn about the issues of waste and water pollution
  • Take action today
  • Explore what is happening in their immediate environment
  • Discover the resources available through technology
  • Consider careers in the environment

The program puts ideas in motion, teaching about specific environmental issues through user-friendly, engaging activities. We guide you each step of the way, including:

  • Choosing an issue to explore
  • Implementing the program
  • Increasing participation in your eco-club or student group

We offer a full set of resources to use throughout your project – including the registration form, guidebooks (What a Waste! and From the Streets to the Sea), the final report form and useful links.

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