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Helpful Hints For Increasing Participants In Your Eco-Club!

Finding support for your eco-club can be a difficult task. We have put together some suggestions from groups that we have worked with. Maybe one of them will help you increase your participation!

Building an Eco Club:

  1. Begin activities immediately – don't wait until the membership reaches a certain level.
  2. Think about what activities would get you to join, and balance between service projects and social get-togethers.
  3. Use the following formula: 40% Community Service / 30% Education and Advocacy / 30% Fun.
  4. Educate people about the problem, and show enthusiasm when you do it.
  5. Stay active and visible. If other students see you having fun with your group they may be inclined to join in.
  6. Show how project will help the school at an assembly. Those who want to do the right thing will join.
  7. Stay consistent with your message, lead by example, and follow through on meetings and events scheduled, even if turnout is small at first.
  8. Demonstrate how important and easy it is to get involved.
  9. Get administration to allow student to miss a class for this event.

Recruiting Members:

  1. Advertise yourself! Have your club wear club t-shirts on certain days of the month. This can be really great at the beginning of the semester!
  2. The best advertisement is word of mouth.
  3. Advertise the project in the school newspaper and on your website.
  4. Ask teachers that are interested in environmental issues to mention the club in their class and ask students to get involved.
  5. Offer free food at meetings.
  6. Plan/announce a party or celebration at the end of the project.
  7. Highlight the social benefits of getting involved.
  8. Promote the community service angle. Many high schools have a required number of community service hours for graduation!
  9. Include recognition, fun, and field trips to increase excitement for those who get involved.
  10. Include parents, at least a little – they can help with the details in the future.

Last notes...

  • Don't over commit and burn yourself out—think about goal membership, number of activities, and your purpose.

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