Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Youth Groups: Resources for Los Angeles County Eco-Clubs

Ten things you can do to help reduce polluted runoff

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle, and keep litter and hazardous waste off the ground.
  2. Fix sprinklers and other sources of water so they don't spray onto concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  3. Direct water from hoses and other sources of water into grass and planters, instead of the street.
  4. Place mulch (ground up leaves and branches) below trees, in planters, and on exposed, bared dirt.
  5. Direct rain downspouts from the roof to flow into grass and planters instead of across concrete, gutters and the storm drains.
  6. Plant trees to capture rainfall and direct the water into the soil below.
  7. Create berms (small embankments) around the edges of grass and other planters to prevent water from flowing over concrete, and enabling it to seep into the ground.
  8. Report clogged storm drains to 1-888-CLEAN LA.
  9. Keep cars tuned up to prevent oil leakage onto the street.
  10. Pick up after pets.

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