Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Youth Groups: Resources for Los Angeles County Eco-Clubs

Waste Issues

Reducing waste is a vital issue in Los Angeles. Every day, one person makes approximately 4.5 pounds of trash. Together, the 14 million residents, businesses and manufacturers in Los Angeles County produce 50,000 tons of trash each day. Being thrown away with these massive amounts of trash are recyclable materials and other reusable resources. These resources are generally dumped into one of 13 landfills around Los Angeles County. Instead of dumping many of these items into the trash, we could be recycling and reusing them. In addition, we can reduce the amount of waste that is generated in the first place by being careful not to purchase things that have a lot of packaging, or aren't reusable or recyclable.

By participating in the What a Waste Teen Action program, you will be challenged to learn more and take action. Service projects to reduce waste range from simple recycling project, to community clean-ups, to teaching children about recycling and waste reduction.

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