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Generation Earth for Youth Groups: Resources for Los Angeles County Eco-Clubs

Spotlight on Success: Youth Group Stories

The Generation Earth program inspires middle and high school students to become engaged by participating in environmental service projects on their school campuses and in their communities. Generation Earth's Teen Action Program provides tools for community groups seeking to engage teens in environmental projects outside of the classroom. The following spotlight stories highlight active community members who combine their own commitment with Generation Earth's approach to successfully engage Los Angeles County youth.

Chimere Anderson
Inner Circle Youth Program

A Teen Action Program success story during the 2007-2008 year was the accomplishments of the Inner Circle Youth Program in Watts. Youth Director Chimere Anderson ran an eight week summer session program beginning the first week of July and ending the last week of August.

The teen action program design is perfectly suited for an eight week program. The teen action program consists of two activity guidebooks, "What A Waste" and "From The Streets To The Sea." At the summer session, one workbook was the focus in July and the other was used in August. Each workbook is divided into four categories of activities - Explore The Issue, Link To Technology, Career Paths, and Service Projects. Ms. Anderson assigned one activity category per week between 10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. daily.

During the month of July, seventy five students age 12-19 completed twelve activities from the "What A Waste" workbook including the waste survey, carrying around personal trash for a week to realize their personal impact on the planet, visiting a recycling facility, researching environmentally related careers on the internet, and designing a presentation on the 3 R's for the elementary age students in the summer program. At the end of July, Inner Circle Youth held a recognition ceremony.

In August, the same students completed nine activities working from the Generation Earth water curriculum, "From the Streets to the Sea". They conducted a water audit, created a three-dimensional model demonstrating the urban water cycle, and participated in a beach clean up. At the end of August, they celebrated with a celebration acknowledging their water pollution prevention efforts.

Youth Director Chimere Anderson says "Generation Earth really provides a great service with their Teen Action Program activity guides. The ideas are easy to implement and they provide great resources right in the workbooks themselves. I loved having a period of time each day to address environmental issues with my kids".

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