Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Schools: Environmental Education and Resources in Los Angeles County

Generation Earth for Schools

Generation Earth is an environmental education program of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presented by TreePeople. We provide development training and personalized support to secondary school teachers and students, as well as school administrators and other stakeholders, at public and private schools within Los Angeles County. We encourage those who want to make a difference in their local environment by creating campus and community eco-projects.

Over 1,200 public and private middle and high schools are located within Los Angeles County. From small charter schools to large multi-track public schools, schools face the same environmental challenges as communities. Litter problems, generation of paper and universal waste, and a lack of resources needed for recycling are some of the common dilemmas faced by school administrators and personnel.

We provide tools and techniques for students and teachers to use in the implementation of environmental service learning projects that meet state curriculum standards. See the Students and Teachers sections for more about these programs.

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