Department of Public Works
Generation Earth for Schools: Environmental Education and Resources in Los Angeles County

Technical Assistance

Generation Earth offers technical assistance to support teachers, students, plant personnel and administrators in performing a campus waste reduction or litter reduction program. We will assist you in analyzing your campus and setting goals. We will provide suggestions and recommendations to create, implement, monitor and adjust your the project. Whether you are looking for a small single classroom project or a district-wide effort, we are here to support you. These projects will be reflective of your goals. Our recommendations and assistance will stress actual implementation of projects that will divert materials from the waste stream, reduce campus litter and associated storm water pollution. The project may assist in reducing consumption, allow for reuse of materials and overall create a much more environmentally friendly campus.

We provide increased support during the special promotional period of Battle of the Schools, our annual inter-school competition. Technical Assistance will provide hands on assistance and support in establishing, monitoring and reporting diversion during this competition.

For Technical Assistance, please e-mail us at or call us at 818-623-4870.

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