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Battle of The Schools

Show off your school's recycling skills, and join the Battle of the Schools! Generation Earth challenges students in grades 7-12 across Los Angeles County to reduce the amount of trash leaving their campus. The top school in each of the five Supervisorial Districts to divert the highest amount of trash per student wins! Winners are announced throughout the County, and treated to a recognition celebration and special giveaways.

For more information and to sign up, see this year's Battle of the Schools flyer.

Eligibility: Schools located in Los Angeles County, Grades 7 - 12.

Goals: To increase participation in campus waste reduction and recycling, create sustainable habits, and earn recognition for successful efforts.

Prize: Individual take-home prizes may vary year to year. All winners will be invited to a special recognition ceremony, with free transportation and funds for a substitute teacher provided by Generation Earth. Here, 5 student representatives and their teacher will be awarded with a 100% recycled glass trophy and scroll.

Method: Five winners will be selected; one school from each supervisorial district with the highest amount of materials recycled per student. Contestants must report amounts for materials diverted or recycled for at least two consecutive weeks during any time of the contest period. If more than two weeks are reported, the highest amount of materials recycled for two consecutive weeks will be selected by Generation Earth staff for submission. Submitted amounts will be calculated into weights, added together, and divided by the total number of students in the school to even out the playing field for both larger and smaller campuses.

Steps to Setting up Your Campus Waste Reduction/Recycling Program
Make your own recycling signs
Recycling Toolkit

Contact the Generation Earth Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist for more resources:
(818) 623-4853

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