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Generation Earth for Students: Environmental Education for Teens in Los Angeles County

Generation Earth for Students

Are you a student who is ready to make a difference? Welcome to Generation Earth.

Generation Earth was created based on two compelling concepts. First, that youth are powerful agents of change in their families and among their friends, and second, that routine choices made by individuals on a daily basis have a collective environmental impact. As an environmental education program for all Los Angeles County teens, we exist to give you the information and tools you need to take action.

This section has everything it takes to get started:

  • We explore the idea of environmental service learning - we'll tell you what it's about, give you examples of different types of projects, and get you started in planning your project.
  • We also offer details on Battle of the Schools, our annual inter-school competition to see who can run the most effective eco-project.
  • And, we offer downloads of project tools and links to other organizations in our resources section.

You can also see other students in action in the image gallery.

We hope that by providing you with these tools, you will be able to make a positive impact on your campus environment and have fun along the way! We believe that the rewarding experience of taking action and making a positive change will inspire youth to take responsibility for their lives and, in turn, their communities.

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