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Generation Earth for Students: Environmental Education for Teens in Los Angeles County

Get Started

  1. Form a student team to make a plan and take action.
  2. Find an adult sponsor. This can be a teacher, parent, administrator, or plant manager. Someone who will supervise the project, help measure the volume of trash, and report the team's data to Generation Earth.
  3. Get started! Contact Generation Earth at or (818) 623-4853 to let us know you are joining Battle of the Schools.
  4. Report your results using our Battle of the Schools Online Reporting Form, or send in a completed Battle of the Schools Flier via fax, e-mail, or mail. Be sure to report results for at least two consecutive weeks in a row. Your final contest submission will be your best two-week stretch added together.

The Generation Earth program provides on-site campus recycling project assistance, and supports you through your project for free. You can also follow the Steps to Setting Up a Campus Waste Reduction/Recycling Project.
Note: these are only guidelines and suggestions! As you examine the waste generated on your campus, come up with creative solutions to reduce it. Whether you host a two week textile or e-waste drive, partner with a local garden or compost facility to collect food scraps, set up a paper/plastic/can/carton pick up, or start a food donation program to help those in need - the bottom line is that your dumpsters need to have less trash in them at the end of the two weeks!

Steps to Setting up Your Campus Waste Reduction/Recycling Program
Make your own recycling signs
Recycling Toolkit

Contact the Generation Earth Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist for more resources:
(818) 623-4853

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